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  • NYPD/Active Duty Orders

    Afternoon gents. Drilling reservist here, in the USMC. I recently just submitted my APD 5 form online and am currently waiting to receive a date for my medical/phsyc tests. As much as I love the Marine Corps I have decided to transition into the Air National Guard to try something new. Now the problem is that I might be sent off for MOS training within the next couple of months. This would interfere with the process I have already started with the NYPD.
    My question to you guys is this: If I leave for training, which would be considered active duty orders, would I be able to start the process off with the NYPD from where I last left off before I left for training?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Generally no. The Uniform Service Employment and Reemployments Rights Act (USERRA) deals with employment and remployment rights for the job you currently have. It does not necessarily protect you for a job you are applying for but have not been prior employed. It assists in thing like getting your job back once you return, keep seniority you would have had along with raises and back pay, even allow you to promote under certain circumstances. Since you are only in the hiring process, it may not apply.

    They cannot use your being in the Guard as a disqualifier, though, as that would be discrimination against you due to your service but if you are unable to complete the hiring process, they are not required to keep an opening for you to jump into.

    However, there's always one of those, NYPD may have a clause in their own policies that could take effect to protect you or give you other opportunities.

    Looks like the choice is yours here.
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      I was in the academy during the first Gulf War, and I got called up. I left the academy for two days, and as I was literally walking out of my house, sea bag in hand, for the airport. The phone rang and I answered it. I was told by the officer to stand down and my orders have been cancelled due to war being over so quickly. I went back the next day.

      I was told that if I left to serve, I would have to jump through all of the hoops again and start fresh. Glad I didn't have to go through all of that again, but I did want to serve my fellow J-heads. Also, my my agency head, while pinning my badge on me, remembered the instance, telling me he almost lost me.

      Good luck serving and going through the hiring process. Oh, one more thing. During my academy, my reserve unit allowed me to not drill during that time. See if you can get a similar deal with your unit. Semper Fidelis J-head!


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