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Help needed from Germany....!!!


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  • Help needed from Germany....!!!

    my Name is Thomas, I´m 51 years and I live in Germany. I realy need Help because I´m a Victim of a Defrauder and in my Desperation I search in the Internet and I found this Forum with the Category "Ask a Cop".
    I think "why not"..?
    If somebody know what´s going on the Street, it will be a Cop...

    I will start to tell you my Story and I´m realy thankfull for any kind of Help;
    Long time I´m looking for a "Plymouth Prowler" in good Condition for a accaptable Price, maybe arround 20.000 $. In the October my friend here in Germany tell me, that he have contact with a German Guy, Name Alex F., who live´s in Miami and the Neighbor of Alex will sell a yellow Prowler.
    I say that I´m interested and a few days later Alex send ma a email with the Offer and a few Pictures of that Plymouth Prowler, he say the car will cost 16500 $ inclusive shipping to Bremerhaven / Gernany and he want 500 $, so all together 17000 $. I accept that and the next day Alex send me a Invoice over 17048 $ and I send the Money to him by Bank.

    In that Time I don´t have any doubt about this Person because he told me that he have a Factory for Aluminium Wheels, I visit his Website (www.60forged.com) and on that Site I check everything what I know about him (Name, Adress, Phonenumber), and everything look true and real.
    Two days later Alex send me a email and he confirm my Payment, he say he will arrange the shipping for the next week, so I wait... But I hear nothing from him, and I phone him a few days later. He say that the Cargocompany lose all the Papers from the Car, inclusive the Title and that he have to make a new Title now and that will take time about 2 month. I find a USA forum and ask there how long it will take to make a new Title in the USA, and somebody told that he make a new Title just before, and that he need 10 days to make it.
    The next day I phone to Alex, but he don´t take the phone anymore when I phone him. That time I know, there is something wrong but I can not imagine that he will hide against me, because he have a Company. So I send him a email and tell him what I found out and that I will know what he will gone to do, but he never answer...

    In the February of this year I fly to Miami to find him. But first I go to the Miami Police to talk with them. Detective N. take my Case and he bring me to his Office, I told him what happend and I show him all Documents (Invoice, Payment Bilt, email from Alex with Confirm, and so on..). I tell teh Detective that I come to find that Guy, but the Detective told that it is not allowed for me to do that. He say that he will take my Case and the will find Alex soon. He say first of all he will get a Copy from Alex Passport from the Bank and he shure to find him soon. The Detective promisse me, that he will let me know what´s going on in my Case, he will send me a email with the new´s...

    When I leave the Policestation I feel very relieved and I´m shure to find the right way to get my money back. I stay in Miami for one week and than I fly back to Germany. Back in Germany I wait one month, but I hear nothing from Detective N., so I send him a email and ask him if he find something out. He don´s answer my email and I wait again two weeks and ask him again by email, but no reaction. I call the Phonenumber from his Office, but he don´t take the Phone, than I try his Mobilnumber, but also no answer. I try a few time´s to contact him, also by email; nothing...

    In September I send a email to the FBI-Office in Miami with the whole story, but nobody answer.

    Last Month I try to find a Private Invastgator and that one I find told me that he can help, but first of all I have to send him 3000 $ before he start. I don´t expect that somebody work for me for free, but 3000 $ just for start...?

    So, that is my story; I know it was stuppid to send Money to somebody I do not know realy, but know it is to late and I hope to find a way out...

    If anyone of you have a idea for me, please let me know. I´m not ready to give up right now, I also will fly to the USA again, if it is necessary...

    Sorry, my english is not perfect, but try...

    Best Regards from Germany


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    sorry misread the question

    I have no help for you
    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

    My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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      Thomas, at this point the problem seems to be with the Miami PD in that the detective isn't getting back to you. Now to be fair, the detective probably has hundreds of cases to work & quite honestly, yours is but one of them. Still, I think you're owed at least an E-mail. That being the situation, if it were me, I'd take it to the next level & try to contact his supervisor. Explain to him you're problems & concerns & that you provided the detective with detailed info on the person that defrauded you. IMO, you've waited long enough & with what info you claim to have it sounds like an arrest should've been made by now.......


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        Write a letter, as well as email. Follow up with his Supervisor, and explain you're in Germany but willing to help out.
        Now go home and get your shine box!


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          Contact the department. Officers get sick, injured, retire, get suspended, get fired, etc. etc. Sometimes a case falls through the cracks and doesn't get reassigned.

          Oh, and as I'm sure you found out, NEVER buy a car you can't see in person. It's a very common scam, and you'll be very lucky if you ever see a dime of the money back. Identity theft is too easy. That said, I'm not a cyber-crimes detective and its well out of my area of expertise. I like old fashioned crime.
          I miss you, Dave.


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