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    If you join the ny state troopers and you eventually decide to switch out into a different agency, could you do it even if you exceed the maximim age limit for that agency? Also what type of jobs opportunities are available for retired law enforcement?

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    The precise answer would lie with the agency to which you applied. It's entirely possible that Civil Service regulations, agency policy etc would preclude hiring you. Again however, that would depend on individual agency policy.

    While I'm not from New York, I am retired from the Alabama Department of Public Safety. This is the New York State Police's sister agency in this state. At the time of my retirement I had a take home patrol car, as well as pay and benefits which far exceeded that of just about any county or municipal agency in the state. For Troopers of my rank (Sgt).

    You could very well find this to be the truth in New York State as well. Don't merely take my word though, do some research and see what you come up with. Best of luck.


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      Originally posted by Thoriticus View Post
      Also what type of jobs opportunities are available for retired law enforcement?
      Any job that is available for any other person, retired or not.-------for the most part
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        It depends on the agency you want to move to.

        However I will say the following. Your reasons to switch may be personal and valid, but NYST are one of the highest paid (if not the highest) state executive branch agency. The benefits/retirement troopers receive in NYS outweigh many as well. Not only is there a lot of room for advancement/transfers, but also the ability to engage in specialized units.

        Now don't take my opinion as "Oh is that all you care about is the money and benefits?", because that is definitely not the case. Like I said, your reasons to switch from the troopers may be personal and that's fine. As far as retirement goes, many go on to do side jobs and various activities from contacts that they meet along the way in the LE career.

        Hope this helps in some way OP.


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          Also found this posted in the "Rookie" section. Makes me question the motives a bit here...


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