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    Hello, my name is Chris and I live in Bonham Texas. My dream is to become a peace officer. I am 19 now but 20 in Jan. I graduated and have my Diploma from High School. My Question to you is how do i go about to become a peace officer. I've called around and asked but got no where. So if anyone can help to give me good advice I would appreciate it alot. Thanks

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    Go to college. Some old officers never went to college. They could just go through the academy and hit the streets. I'm not sure how everything works in TX, but in MI MCOLES is actually requiring a minimum of an associates degree before you can take their academy.
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      I'd say about 90% of Illinois departments require at leist 60 credit hours and the ones who don't require it will probably take the people with college than people without it anyway. One of the reasons I'm going to college.

      Plus, why not go to college? It can only help no matter what career you choose. Although college is not easy, I can say it's MUCH more fun than High School. Just stay away from all the crap that goes on (the drug scene, etc.) and you'll have a blast. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on college. I'm right smack in the middle of the best 4 years of my life right now. Plus when I get out I'll be making more money! It's a win, win situation.

      I understand where your coming from though. I hate knowing that I still have to wait 2 more years before I can get a job with a department. I want to be on the streets NOW! Anyway, just remember whats best for you in the long run. Maybe after taking a few law enforcement classes you'll decide you want to do something else. Who knows? So, what i've said in about 3 paragraphs can be summed up to once sentance:

      Go to college.

      Good luck,



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        You're best bet is college. Most dept's around here (DFW) require some amount of college hours, although some do not. Also, most (if not all)require you to be 21 years old or 19 1/2 with 60 college hours. The front page of Officer.com has a section where you can find Dept's in your area.... check out the dept websites to find out their particular requirements.
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          And if you haven't, think about getting a real job for a while first. Too many come on with no other work experience.

          Even when I came on, there were several in my academy that came fresh out of college and never worked anywhere except maybe a parttime gig. They never really developed much of a work ethic and didn't know how to use the freedom a patrol officer has. When they weren't taking calls, they seem to think it was okay to sit on their butts like they did in school. Not all I've met were like that, of course. But those of us who worked other places appreciated the lack of supervision and put in a good 8 hours of work.
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            If college is an obstacle for financial or other reasons, try a hitch in the Armed Forces. You could qualify for an MP specialty. No matter what you do in the service, it is good experience for a LEO position, or any employment that you may seek.


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