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Failing the physical test & applying to other departments


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  • Failing the physical test & applying to other departments

    Haha oh no
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    Difficult to say for New York. In Alabama, the PAT is state mandated (POST) but administered by an individual department. So, it's possible that you could fail the PAT with one agency and pass with another. Quite possibly that would be the case in New York as well.


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      Thanks for the reply. In NY, they do have a different PT for each department. I guess I'm more nervous about getting Ding'd at the psyc or background check at the next department. "Wait, you failed the PT for Department X? Why should I think you won't treat my department as a joke too?" To be honest, that's what I would be thinking.

      Sucks. I was a pretty physical guy in college. I played 4 years of college ball and I used to run 6:15 miles just to warm-up before practice. Shockingly, I can still kill the push-ups and the 1.5. But the sit-ups killed me. The first day I practiced, I was able to do like 8. Then I built it up to about 45 in a minute for practice in about a month. I'm an old man now (28) and I really hope this doesn't auto DQ me for other departments b/c I don't have much time left.


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        In Iowa you have to pass the state mandated PAT to get hired. Individual agencies can mandate a different PAT as long as that PAT meets or exceeds the state mandated one.

        Most agencies really don't care what you did with some other agency since it just might have been because of a bad day and not something physically wrong.

        I wouldn't worry too much
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          In Ohio, you have to pass the test of whatever agency you are applying for. If you are applying for Dept. B, it doesn't matter that you failed Dept. A's test last week, last month, or last year. What is important is how you do on Dept. B's test.


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            This shouldn't be a killer. When other departments ask you about it just be honest and let them know what happened and work on your sit ups.


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              You can take the PT test with another Department, don't sweat it. Just be prepared. get off the internet and run some sprints.

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