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Senior Project Part 2


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  • Senior Project Part 2

    In my high school engineering class, my group is focusing on creating a commercially marketable device that will stop criminal vehicles. My question is if there were an ideal vehicle arresting device that was just coming out, how much would you (police officers) be willing to pay for such a device? This will help us analyze costs/supply and demand for our different design ideas.

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    Didn't like all the answers you got?

    Leave. Stop posting the same stupid ****ing question...
    Now go home and get your shine box!


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      Actually, this would be part 3. This is the third thread you've started asking the same question.

      Read your other replies. Might want to read them quick, because you are being reporting for spamming now.


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        But I am entitled to an answer. You cops are here to serve the public , I am the public and I need an answer NOW
        Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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          I wouldn't pay anything. I'm lucky enough, and I'm sure others here are the same, that I work for an agency that pays for everything from uniforms to vehicles to weapons and other items that are ISSUED to perform our jobs. For for me the answer is $0.

          I must say, if you have created a viable device that can stop a feeling vehicle and possibly be safer and save lives, why would you sell it? A device like this could benefit sooo many people that to ask for money would be like wanting someone to pay for welfare when it benefits the less fortunate. Why not just create the device for the good of humanity and allow an agency to get said device and then through donations, grants, etc, recoup the money? Man, big corporations always want you to pay.


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            Still having problems with reading comprehension? Rather than repeat it, I refer you to my original reply. I'll give you this though, Mr. Research, in common with my colleague, my Agency issued everything a Trooper needs to do the job. As a result of this manifestation of "responsibility", my net cost for all the "Catch Bad Guys" stuff I had was, listen up now, Zero, Zilch, Nada, Zip point Sh..t. I didn't spend a friggen dime.

            Now, go do some research. Obama, Hillary and her crap for brains village, entitlement, are not welcome here.


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              P.I.T maneuver....that is all....carry on!

              "When a police officer is killed, it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation." -Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder



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                Got an F the first time for not doing real research and you're going to try and BS the teacher again, eh?
                Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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                  We don't assist with homework or projects.
                  And I wouldn't pay a dime, my agency would, but I also agree this "technology" should be free.
                  The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog must not, cannot and will not ever harm the sheep. Any sheepdog who intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed.

                  I Am the Sheepdog.

                  "And maybe just remind the few, if ill of us they speak,
                  that we are all that stands between
                  the monsters and the weak." - Michael Marks



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                    Thank you for being the only one to attempt to give me an answer to a different question than my previous posts, and doing so politely.


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                      You're entirely welcome. Now for some recommended reading.

                      1) The Art of Doing Research.

                      2) The Satisfaction of Doing Research

                      3) The Integrity of Doing One's Own Work.

                      Here it is Mr. Snark, you showed up here wanting this forum to do your damned work for you. When you very properly were called on that, you got all pizzed and butt hurt. Just like the typical wonk from Hillary's Village and South Obamaville. Not only did you attempt your sh..t once, but you took a shot at round two. Once more, you were quite properly outed.

                      Now, and this might take considerable effort, get off of your lazy self entitled, Hillary Clinton a..s, and do some honest research. The only answer you're entitled to is the one you obtain for yourself. That will NOT be found here. Having trouble with that? Get hold of Hillary at Entitlement. com. She'll be glad to help you....for a price. Hillary's cheap, but she ain't free.


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