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  • Will volunteering help?

    I have about a year till I can attend the police academy and graduate college. My local department has volunteer opportunities (primarily citizens on patrol, you drive around in a marked C.O.P. car and become essentially the "eyes and ears of the community" and are taught patrolling techniques and how to use the police radio). Do you think this would be beneficial for me to participate in? Especially if I have an interest in working for this department. Or is it not gonna make a bit of difference on my resume? I know some frown upon programs like C.O.P. so I was just hoping to get some opinions.

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    won't hurt-----
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      Putting Lipstick On a Pig

      I can’t speak for the agencies where you’re at, but no one in my neck of the woods accepts resumes as part of the hiring process.

      Instead, you are rated on the number of correct answers you give to questions on a written exam that measures your ability to perform the duties of the job you are seeking.

      Then, you are scored on an oral exam that rates you on things like:

      • Experience – assesses your ability and experience in accepting responsibilities and performing assigned tasks as demonstrated through achievements in work, school, and other activities.

      • Problem Solving – assesses your reasoning skills in developing timely, logical responses to a wide variety of situations and problems.

      • Communication Skills – assesses your oral communications skills, which includes speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication.

      • Interest/Motivation – addresses your interest in and preparedness for the peace officer job. It includes an assessment of your general level of interest, initiative, and goal orientation.

      • Interpersonal Skills – assesses many facets, such as social knowledge/appropriateness, social insight, empathy, social influence, social self-regulation, sociability, team orientation, social self-confidence, conflict management skills, and negotiating skills.

      • Community Involvement/Awareness – focuses specifically on your experiences and interest in community issues, as well as your interest in and ability to fill multiple roles and serve a diverse community.

      Here’s how most law enforcement agencies look at the truthfulness and accuracy of a resume –

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        It can be a talking point during the oral boards. I'd throw in some real volunteering as well, though, soup kitchen type stuff that shows you care about the community you want to work in.

        As far as if it will help get you noticed early in the process, a lot depends on the size of the department. Smaller departments are easier to get noticed by IMO. I was offered a job while dispatching for a Sheriff's Dept by one of the small departments based solely on the fact I could use the radio, wasn't an idiot, and was in good physical condition. That dept paid worse than dispatching, so I passed on the offer and stayed in the process with other departments, but just to give you an example. That wouldn't have happened with my current employer, where its extremely unlikely any given officer knows what any given dispatcher looks like.
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          In addition to the excellent replies of my colleagues, let me offer you this. ANY type of volunteering should be done for all the right reasons, and not merely as a "resume booster". As L-1 very wisely noted to you, "resume's" aren't what will get you hired in California. That wisdom applies to most jurisdictions in Alabama, and certainly to the Agency from which I'm retired.

          My suggestion to you at this time is for you to prepare to become a viable, competitive candidate. What that means is essentially that you test well in all phases of a given hiring process.


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            It could help you with that department if they think you are a good guy and you make it far enough in the process. Conversely, it will hurt you if they think you are a dufus.


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              Volunteering at a PD can be good. Just remember, two ears, one mouth. Guys who have been doing the actual job for years don't want advice, quips, war stories or quips from a volunteer who hasn't done anything yet. How you conduct yourself as a volunteer will be remembered, and spread around, for a long time.
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