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  • Would you be this nice?!

    .......... I'll try to keep it short. This story may seem a little "choppy", but I am trying to get the pertinent facts out there.

    Finally had a "date night" with the wife, so while we were out I had a single bottled beer at a restaurant. After leaving we were cruising down the street and to get onto a 4 lane cross street I jumped on the accelerator pretty hard. My truck broke loose due to the recent rain, heavy foot, and the turbo lighting up. Shortly after a highway patrol lit up his lights behind me. So I proceeded to the next street where I could pull into a small parking lot. On the way into the lot I also ran over the curb. Earlier in the night knowing I may drink I disarmed my concealed weapon and locked it in the center console still loaded. Knowing I have a firearm I rolled down the windows, illuminated the interior lights, kept hands on steering wheel, and instructed the wife to keep hers visible.

    The conversation began as such:
    Trooper - "Know why I pulled you over"

    Me - " For spinning the tires and possibly speeding"

    Trooper - "no you failed to use a blinker"

    So he asks for all my info and I proceed to inform him that my registration and insurance is accompanied by a loaded 45 not chambered with two spare mags. I also inform that we both have current conceal carry permits and will provide them if he would like. He pulls me out, sets me to the side, has the wife open the center console and takes the pistol to his vehicle.

    In the end I was not issued a citation and he placed my firearm in the back seat while I was sitting in the driver seat and sends me on my way.

    I was really surprised he didn't issue a ticket. Thinking each thing (beer, spinning tires, hitting curb, possibly speeding, no blinker) would not be a big deal alone, but would amount to a problem together.
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    By the way this happened approximately 12 months ago. Grammatically speaking this post is terrible. Its hard to see what I'm writing with how the touch screen brings up the keyboard.
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      Sounds pretty typical, actually.


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        Originally posted by jtay View Post
        By the way this happened approximately 6 months ago. Grammatically speaking this post is terrible. Its hard to see what I'm writing with how the touch screen brings up the keyboard.
        Might be a result of the one beer.


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          I prefer it when people tell me they have a firearm in the vehicle. It's the people who don't that... well, you know where that one is going. Anyway, I'm partial to the pro-gun carrying folks, and I'm not real fancy on giving citations regardless, so I'm not surprised.


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            Would you have preferred something like this?

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              Yeah I did ask him how he felt with dealing with situations like that. His response was

              "If you don't shoot yours at me then I won't shoot mine at you." Also found out they get issued Sigs... I was surprised they get such high dollar pistols.


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                Originally posted by IAM Rand View Post
                Would you have preferred something like this?

                That would have been awesome... Maybe... Maybe not.


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                  You were what we call in my area a 10-55 (DUI) contact.

                  He was fishing and you met pretty much every indicator of a possible. A short investigation proved you were not and you were sent on your way so he could return to fishing
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                    Oh very good to know. Worst part is the lack of blinker usage is a pet peeve of mine and I violated it.


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