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  • Desirable candidate?

    Okay, so I'm 20 right now. Next semester I will be in the academy which will be the last 6 credits I need to graduate. So by next May I will have graduated the academy (hopefully), have an associates in CJ, have a Bachelors in Emergency Management, and have 9 months on as a reserve officer, and 14 months on as a security guard. Also, I will have finished my college work in 4 years and I was a varsity athlete all four years (hopefully shows I'm responsible and dedicated). I've never been arrested, never experimented with drugs, only had one traffic violation which was a speeding ticket when I was 16 (yes Patrick, by KSP at that!). Do you think all of this makes me a desirable candidate? Plus the fact that I'm a girl? I'm really hoping to get hired on pretty fast once I finally hit the big 2-1?.

    What, in your opinion, do you think most departments look for when hiring??
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    No way! You are definately not going to get hired! Seems like you are a big trouble maker!


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      Over qualified, probably end up being my boss.
      Trust me I'm with the government.


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        I was hired at the "2-1" and it is not what it is all cracked up to be. It was the most quick kick in the butt for maturity in my opinion. Sometimes I wished I would have waited a couple of years and did some other stuff in between. Although, knowing my level of enthusiasm at the time I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

        If you meet the minimum qualifications, they will accept your application. Candidates may have more or less qualifications than you. Ones with less experience/education may or may not be hired over you. Although your "resume" does factor in, a lot can also depend on your attitude, life experience, communication skills, personability, etc. Therefore, making it very difficult to say if you are a desirable candidate over a forum. Although it seems that everyone wants to find out the answer in these forums.

        All you can do is apply and find out if you are a desirable candidate to that department. I didn't believe it in the beginning but, "Sometimes it is who you know, not what you know." Sad, but true.

        Good luck.



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          You're on the right track, I was hired a 22, made FTO by 27, and Sgt at 29.(and a burned out ex-cop at 34!)

          A lot of folks don't get started until they're in their 30's. Nothing wrong with that, but think about this - at 31, you'll be a 10 yr 'vet', the Emergency Management degree is very marketable these days, and if you choose, you'll still be way under the max age limit for all the fed jobs. Let's say you then go to the FBI or DEA, many of your classmates, despite being the same age, will be inexperienced snot noses, you'll be light-years ahead in maturity and ability.

          Good luck, stay safe, and have fun...


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