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Woohoo made it to the B.I.


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  • Woohoo made it to the B.I.

    Had my interview with the Chief and LTs today. I thought I did worse than the first oral board interview, but apparently not too bad. Upon completion they asked me to sit in the lobby and wait for possible follow up questions. After about five minutes one of the Lts retrieved me and informed me I will be moving on to the next stage... The background investigation.

    I sat with the detective today as he searched my social networking accounts. After words he handed me a packet of about 40 pages that needs to be filled out and returned before they begin work. I am so excited, but he did inform me this department has a 70% fail rate with the Background investigation, which seemed to discourage me a little. After this is a voice analyzer and MMPI.

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    Remember to make and keep copies of everything your submit for the BI, especially the personal history statement. Should the worst happen and you not get picked up, or later on should you decide to move to another agency, having this information available will keep you from having to do extensive research all over and ensure your answers are consistent.
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      That's is excellent advice, thank you. Currently I am scrambling at retrieving all the necessary records for the BI. I have a few records that are "on hand." My wife keeps telling me I should allow myself to relax for a moment. That I have gone farther than most... Yet I seem to think I am not successful till I pass everything and complete training with the FTO. That is when I will feel that I am successfully hired. At which point my goals will be on achieving excellence... The BI seems straight forward. I can only assume I will move onto the CVSA. This is something new to me. Any suggestions besides the golden rule of tell the truth?


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        If you don't want to "fail" the background here's what you do:

        1. Don't lie.
        2. Answer ALL the questions
        3. Be accurate
        4. Don't lie.

        It's a long process and being patient is part of the game. Good luck!


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          Did we mention "don't omit" and "don't lie?"

          Also.. "don't lie."

          And.. "don't omit."

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            Congratulations. Be positive and be patient AND do what the gentlmen above said.
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            Originally posted by Country_Jim
            ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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              I misread the title and was all set to offer mega-congratulations. "Made it to the BJ"
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                I think I will do fine with filling out the paperwork. What I have done is in great detail and as accurate as possible. Those dates on some things I do not know exactly are noted as directed by the detective. Thanks guys and gals.

                My title originally made me chuckle because it looked so close to what was mentioned above...


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                  It's not my desire to rain on your parade. That said, I would suggest that any sighs or manifestations of relief are a bit premature. Many agencies, many Background Investigators will tell you, that the majority of applicants in a given process are eliminated in Backgrounds.

                  A colleague has correctly noted several times in the past, that a Background Investigation serves two very basic purposes. First, it ensures that a given applicant meets the basic requirements for entry level
                  service with a given department. Second, the investigation seeks to determine whether there are any facts and circumstances which would Disqualify an applicant, or make him ineligible for employment.

                  The Background investigator is a determiner and reporter of facts. He/She reports his findings to those more highly placed in the hiring process. It is these individuals who make the determination to employ a given applicant.

                  Many, all too many, applicants do sloppy, slipshod work on their individual applications. Often, these applications are incomplete, illegible, or improperly filled out. These applications find their way to either the bottom of the pile, or the circular file. Where you are simply unable to completely answer a question, do your best and move on. Note the reason (not excuse) that the answer is not complete.


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                    I fully understand the ramifications of an inaccurate or otherwise poorly completed BI packet. I know my past and know how I am completing the BI packet. Like every goal I set I do the best I can. So that is why I am inquiring about the CVSA.

                    I also realize most applicants fail to pass the BI such as stated in the OP where the detective informed me they have a 70% fail rate. So no worries you can bring the rain because a parade has not been scheduled.

                    My comment about relaxing for a moment may have been poorly stated. A more accurate statement would allow myself to be thankful/happy that I have made it this far into the hiring process. Whereas I feel it is just another hurdle in a career long hike and should not view any hurdle as a success because it is not my end goal.

                    Thank you for the response and advice. I am doing everything I can to be as detailed as possible. Any further advice is welcomed.


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                      Another question.

                      With my employment history I do not have the exact dates of hiring/reigning. I can narrow it down to month and year, but will that be sufficient? I understand using a 7050-F4 form from the Social Security Administration could supply me with dates. This still would leave me with two problems. The first is the time it would take to receive the information, it would be well beyond the date where I need to have the packet completed. Also the cost is $102 where normally I could do it I have been doing everything I can to minimize my expenses and pay off some debt in preparation of a lower income with the Police Department. So again my question, would it be okay to only have months and years? All the employers information will be correct since I am using my W-2s to gather such information.


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                        We had to provide a copy of the 7050-F4, but even that does not have hire dates, just years. I just said month-year, if I didn't know the exact date. It seemed to work, I passed backgrounds!

                        You could also ask your BI, I remember going through the entire packet, writing down questions as I hit them, and then emailed her in one shot, she replied and we knocked everything out. Don't be afraid to use your BI.

                        NOTE: I am not LEO, as I did not move into the psych/medical, the list expired. I just thought i'd help what it took me to pass backgrounds.
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                          Thank you very much I was hoping to turn it in today complete with Month/Year dates on a few things, but taking care of an exposed root canal seems to take precedence. So this will be completed today/tomorrow and turned in Monday.


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                            Between mistakes and running low on time it will be turned in Monday


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                              Originally posted by jtay View Post
                              Another question.

                              With my employment history I do not have the exact dates of hiring/reigning. I can narrow it down to month and year, but will that be sufficient? ...
                              Yes, that is fine but I hope you know spelling and grammar. It will be a big deal and good luck.


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