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  • Situps

    I've been training for the past few months for PATs. My written scores have been 88/89% consistently. The running part of the PAT- I can max both of them out (300m / 1.5 mi). Pushups are no problem.


    I have a belly that I am working on losing. Weight training 3x per week, running 3x per week. Tons of crunches. But have a hard time getting to 20 sit-ups in a minute. Do any of you have experience with this weakness, and / or suggestions on how to get myself closer to 40 in a minute, as quickly as possible? Its frustrating and demoralizing to have this one obstacle holding me back. I will conquer it, but thought maybe some of you had a similar experience and might be able to offer guidance... thanks

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    The key is variety. I did a lot of different abdominal and core exercises in addition to normal running and lifting. I follow a video based 20 minute ab/core exercises periodically a couple times a week. The video probably does about 15 different core exercises. Also, a few days a week I do 3 sets of 100 crunches, 3 sets of 100 full sit-ups, and 3 sets of as many sit-ups as I can do in 60 seconds. I don't care how many I do until it starts to hurt, that's when I know I am making gains. Right now I have worked myself up to 60 in a minute if I take two days off before trying.

    When you have someone else holding your legs you will probably do a lot more considerably faster since you don't have to think about it.
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      Sorry! not sworn... was just trying to put in my 2 fitness related cents then realized which forum this was in! my bad
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        Try to build up your situps by high interval training. Start off at 30 seconds and blast as many situps as possible, then rest 10 seconds, then do another 30 seconds of as many as possible, rest 10 seconds... and so on. If your muscles are done, switch to crunches or any stomach movement at all until you do 5 sets. Repeat the next day.

        Our Academy PT instructor was big into HIT training and it works pretty well.


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          I'd check out www.twohundredsitups.com for a new way to look at your training.

          For me, whenever I wanted to improve pushups/situps/pullups, I just made it part of my life every day for about a month. Commercial on tv? Situps. About to walk into another room? Situps. Pullups any time I walked by my pullup bar, etc, etc. I got to about ~85 pushups in a minute and ~60 situps in a minute this way.


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