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  • Cut-Resistant Frisk Gloves

    Does anyone have any recommendations on quality tactical/frisk gloves? What do you use? What should I stay away from? Thanks.

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    All the name brands are pretty good, I've used most... Hatch, Damascus, etc etc
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      I use Hatch SGK 100. You do (obviously) lose a little bit of dexterity and feeling, but they are comfortable and do the job well. The kevlar layer covers the whole palm and extends into the webbing area between your thumb and index finger. I have shiftmates who swear by Mechanix gloves (not sure on the model number) too.


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        I don't understand wearing this type of glove for frisks, and certainly not for searches. For a frisk, I feel like there should be some amount of exigency. So unless you're gonna wear the gloves for the entire shift you don't have time to glove up prior to frisking. For a search, only nitrile gloves offer enough dexterity for me to find items like nickel bags.
        I do carry gloves for a variety of other reasons, to include: cold weather, going to a call where it sounds like there's gonna be a use of force, dealing with dogs, dealing with barbed wire or broken glass or rusty metal.

        To each his own, but the number one thing is to make sure you can draw and shoot with whatever glove you're gonna wear.


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          I appreciate the responses.


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            I use medical-industry puncture-proof (almost) gloves (big like winter mittens, lol) for the initial check for needles and knives and guns, then go to nitrile for the search for H&S and other 496. I usually put the nitrile on underneath, and then use just the strong hand glove for the putdown for sharps/gats in the primary areas (waistband, pockets, armpits, etc.) Then peel it off and go for a more thorough with the nitriles underneath. YMMV, they cost about $40 a pair (I think that is with shipping). Go halvsies with a south-paw at work and your at $20.

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