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Speeding ticket question


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  • Speeding ticket question

    A little less than a year ago I was pulled over for speeding, issued a ticket, and elected to take the drivers school as well as pay the ticket of course. I just ordered my driving history from the last 3 years and the ticket that I elected to take the drivers course for is no longer on there. Does this mean it was completely taken off of my record or is that just a mistake. This is the state of Florida by the way.

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    It sounds like it was expunged.------------but that means for insurance (or other private) purposes

    If a LAW ENFORCEMENT officer ran your license-----most likely they would see the ticket............
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      It was possibly dismissed... which is good. However, in Texas it will show up on your DL return as Driver Safety Course.. something, something, blah, blah. If you're inquiring for purposes of a police application or background investigation, you need to include this speeding ticket.

      However, it looks better on your record than "Conviction: Speeding." Something like that could make the difference between whether I give someone a ticket or a warning. If I'm looking at your DL return, and I see Conviction, Conviction, Conviction, etc.. I probably won't have much leniency.

      ** When I was in the application process there was a speeding ticket that I knew I paid, and it just didn't show up on my driving record. Don't know why. Didn't take the driver safety course either. I disclosed it anyway.


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        "I disclosed it anyway". Good choice.


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