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LEOSA Model Policy


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  • LEOSA Model Policy

    There's a good LEOSA Model Policy you can find at

    It strikes the right balance between the interests of cops and the concerns of agencies.

    If any of you can share your agency's LEOSA policy, please send the link.

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    Very nice, but not warranted. No where does the statue state an agency or State needs to promulgate or mandate rules or requirements for their active or retired members to carry under LEOSA. WILL THEY? I'm sure they can and many states have, Jersey is one and it's policy conflicts with the statue (mandates you re-qualify twice a year), but no one wants to be a test case and fight it. Several other states have done the same by infusing their own policies which have nothing to do with what is spelled out in Federal Law.

    Only those states and there are a few that have instituted procedures that qualify retiree's to,"The LEOSA STANDARD", as it is defined in the statue are to be commended.
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      Good points, and that is the exact reason a model policy which FOLLOWS the provisions of LEOSA (and doesn't violate them) is a good idea. States and agencies cannot ADD requirements on their own which don't appear in LEOSA. Again, having a good policy in place prevents that. Also, the policy explicitly provides for ID cards with LEOSA on them somewhere, as well as a qualification procedure for agency retirees (something that was such a big problem that Congress amended LEOSA in 2010 to give alternatives to retirees). Agencies should allow their retirees to qualify on their department ranges and the policy provides for that.


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        This sounds like a solution brought to us by CALEA. They are famous for creating solutions to problems which don't really exist. Somebody's nephew got a degree in public policy administration and couldn't get a job; CALEA was created and now he has a job.

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