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    As of right now I am only 20 years old and just waiting until I'm old enough to be a commissioned officer. I plan on attending the academy next year and after I'm finished with it, I will still have about three months before I turn 21. I was thinking I could spend that time in a job search and hopefully start a job right at my birthday. My question is that when a department posts an upcoming test, they say applicants must be 21, does that mean you HAVE to be 21 to even take the test or are they really just looking for someone who will be 21 by the probable start date? It may be a stupid question but the whole process can get a little confusing sometimes. Thanks for any help with this matter

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    It usually depends on the department. I have seen quite a few departments that allow you to apply if you are 20 1/2. The assumption is that by the time the processing is completed you will be 21 and able to be hired.

    It helps tremendously to have the academy already done, the department will be happy to save money.

    Good luck!
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      Well I'm about one step ahead of you

      so I don't know if I can offer anything you don't already know. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that you never get hired when you plan to. (btw, I'm in California, so that might make a difference)

      The departments here allow testing at 20 and 1/2, because in theory, the academy is 6 months long (making you 21 when you are commisioned). However, the application process to just one department can take a LONG time. Since I am 21, and have an extreamlty clean background, my entire application process took 8 months. That is extreamly fast for some of the CA PDs. There is a buddy of mine who is a PO for San Diego Police Dept, and he spent 18 months in thier application process (he was a british special forces guy, so I assume they had to contact the brits, which probably would explain the wait.)

      Every time you apply to a different PD, they restart your app process (which is why it's best to apply to a few, or hell, a lot).


      Good luck man,


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        ...itching for a little more help...come on...I just know you guys have a little more insight into this topic for me...


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          You just have to call the departments and ask them at what age you can apply. I don't believe that someone who is not 21 can attend the academy in Kentucky, even if they'll turn 21 before appointment. It probably varies by state though.

          IMO, you're going to have a pretty tough time getting hired at 20 or 21. Do you have a degree or military experience? Because without one of those things, I don't think that someone who just barely meets the age requirement is going to get hired over older, more experienced applicants. Even if your background is squeaky-clean (NO 'youthful indescretions'), you're still going to be competing with folks a lot more qualified than you.


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            Yeah, I know you have to be 21 in Kentucky to go through an academy (I used to live there). But I'll actually be getting 6 credit hours towards my degree which is all that I will have left for my Bachelor's. Thanks for the help.


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