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Too Many 12 hr days and paperwork this week


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  • Too Many 12 hr days and paperwork this week

    I get home after a long week and get to paying the bills. 3rd check I noticed I signed my badge number on all 3

    Any one else have any stories of work dripping into personal?

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    I always answered the phone at work with my work assignment and last name.

    I more than once did so at home----I did the badge number more than once too
    My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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      Guilty. We are creatures of habit and if we are not totally aware of what we are doing, it is easy to do.
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        I include my number when I sign receipts at least a couple times a week.


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          The other night in my POV saw a vehicle parked off the road and reached for my spotlight handle that was not there....


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            I remember one winter where I never saw the sun. I was on from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Then I worked an extra shift because the next guy was sick.

            That was a bit weird. I was a cop my whole waking moments
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              We use an electronic swipe card to get in and out of our building: I constantly try to get in my house with my swipe card.


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                I reach for my MDT to run an expired tag plenty of times in my POV
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                The only reason I have one in the chamber at all times is because it is impossible to have two in.

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                  Originally posted by 02paul09 View Post
                  I reach for my MDT to run an expired tag plenty of times in my POV
                  or reach for the Radar switch
                  My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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                    Tried to unlock my car with my airport SIDA badge a couple of times.

                    "Yes sir, I know you have rights."
                    "In fact, I know your rights better than you do!"


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                      -Gotten in my personal vehicle after work and nearly ripped the blinker switch off trying to put the vehicle in gear from the column

                      -Multiple times off duty (especially in the town I work for) quickly closed a gap and swatted my middle console looking for the lights when someone does a really stupid move in traffic

                      -Take my key fab out and reach for the swiper when I enter my house

                      -I have a bad habit of signing everything with my last name and badge number.

                      -Using 10-codes or the phonetic alphabet in text or in person. I'll reply to a text with "76", which is out 10-76/en route, or parking at a ball field and telling my friend we parked in "David 13" which gets weird looks.


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                        I've looked for my radar switch before.

                        I was at home and overheard radio traffic and an emergency tone just like ours(must have been COPS or something)... I reacted then realized I had no radio. My wife looked at me wierd, well more wierd than normal.


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                          - gotten up to pee in the middle of the night and reached for my flashlight.

                          - been out to eat and dropped silverware on the floor, go to retrieve it and reach for my flashlight.

                          - answer my cell phone with my radio number

                          - called my wife "sergeant" (like when she fussed at me, and I said "yes sergeant" or whatever). That was immediately corrected when she informed me that from now on, I would refer to her as either "captain" or "Her Majesty".)

                          - and in reverse, I have sat in my patrol car for a good 15 seconds trying to process how to get the durn thing in drive, when there was no gear shift between the seats....


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                            Once, drove on the wrong side of the street, going 30mph over the limit, got home, kicked in my front door, then shot my dog as it ran to greet me. Wife and I had a good laugh for years over that.


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                              I constantly try to reach for my flashlight.

                              I have signed my badge number a few times.


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