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Police belt for personal use, allowed or not ?


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  • Police belt for personal use, allowed or not ?

    Hi guys,
    In a surplus shop I found a belt which I think is an official police belt.
    Is it allowed to wear this belt for personal use or not, or is this considered to be an official part of the uniform ??
    I am working as an IT guy and I am planning to wear this belt to carry my personal items (mini flashlight, pocket knife, multitool, keys, cellphone etc.). Seems to be a solution to get rid of stuff in my pockets....and I need those items with me all the time.
    Is this OK or not ?
    And what is the correct way to wear this belt ? The guy in the shop told me to get a velcro belt under it and to get six loops with snaps so I could simply wear it over my pants belt....seems to work for me....is this the way how the belt is normally worn? Since it doesn't fit in my belt loops....
    Below a photo of my belt.
    Thanks for your advice !

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    Looks like a standard sam browne....not my choice for civi wear but you do what you want.
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    Originally posted by Country_Jim
    ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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      When I did network infrastructure and administration I just wore a regular 1 inch leather belt with a tool pouch. Amazon has a decent selection to choose from...
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        Polo + BDUs + Duty Belt = people might mistake you for popo/security, which could be bad news.
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          Sexy! Did they have the matching hat?
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            Are you a serial killer?


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              Oops, post deleted
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                Originally posted by Langford PR View Post
                Looks like a standard sam browne....not my choice for civi wear but you do what you want.
                What is a sam browne ?

                Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                Are you a serial killer?

                Just need a decent wide belt to carry my items. Was considering one of those nylon tool belts also, but I am not working at a construction site


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                  If you rooted through my garbage pail abut a year ago you could have had mine for nothing.


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                    Nothing you stated you carry requires that kind of belt.

                    It's overkill and more weight around your waist which in time is not a good thing.

                    Just get pouches for all your stuff that you can put through a normal sized belt.

                    What are other folks in the "industry" doing....I'm guessing they aren't running around with thick and heavy gun belts.


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                      Listen to me

                      No and NO and NO. You will never get laid man. Just No, don't do it.

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                        It is perfectly lawful to wear this type of belt. It will make you look like a complete tool, but it is legal.

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                          If you're going to do it right, you better order the Dee belt and wear it with your Sam Browne.

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                            Originally posted by it-guy View Post
                            What is a sam browne ?


                            Just need a decent wide belt to carry my items. Was considering one of those nylon tool belts also, but I am not working at a construction site
                            You're not working as an officer either but you want to wear that belt. Go figure. Go on over to the Big Bang Theory store and get a nice Batman buckle to go on it too.


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                              Originally posted by slamdunc View Post
                              It will make you look like a complete tool
                              Well, it IS intended as a tool belt.

                              Legal here, but dumb.
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