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P/O to FBI Agent?


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  • P/O to FBI Agent?

    Does anyone have any experience transitioning from local law enforcement to Federal, specifically FBI? I know having a background in law enforcement is listed as one of the potential qualifiers on their website, but how favorably is that looked upon? For example, how competitive would a current Philly PD Detective be as an applicant vs someone that speaks Russian or a CPA? Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Just don't use the PD as a stepping stone.

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      Before you go and blue flacon Philly PD, seriously consider the benefits packages of your current employer and your prospective employer.

      Federal $ may not have as much mileage as the local. If you have a family, you would be incredibly short sighted to ignore this. I am going to guess that the local pace pays OT (and I bet there is a decent amount of it.) The FBI does not. If you have become acustom to having a certain standard of living. You may not like the big Alphabet agencies and their suitcase lifestyles.
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        FBI agents at top pay, make as much as a base nypd Lt.

        So for some, it's a pay increase right off the bat.
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          Law Enforcement that spoke Farsi would have been great a few years ago.. who knows what they are looking for now. Around 2002 I went through the FBI hiring process... loved the LEO back ground..needed people who spoke middle eastern languages. Would not hurt to speak with someone from your local field office and ask what they are looking for.


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            Get a masters and be younger then 35. They are not cops and are nothing like local law enforcement. The Russian speaking CPA is the girl they are looking for.
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