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Leadership Characteristics in the Public Safety Sector


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  • Leadership Characteristics in the Public Safety Sector

    Hello! I’m a doctoral student in Chicago, and am looking for participants for my study (dissertation!) on leadership characteristics in the public safety sector. I’m researching personality characteristics of Police Chiefs and other individuals in senior leadership roles (Superintendent, Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Deputy Chief, Watch Commander, Captain) to describe leadership within police organizations and identify if (and how) it is different from leadership in the private sector and general population. I’ve been recruiting participants through the Illinois Association for Chiefs of Police (ILACP) and through personal contacts in Indiana, but am still looking for about 60 more respondents.

    I’m posting here in the hopes that some of you might be interested in helping me gain access to participants. Participation involves completing two online surveys and takes about 45 minutes. I’ve read some of the threads here, but am cautiously optimistic that some among you may have contacts that would be interested in participating, or might even be interested in participating yourself. Since, well, it’s the INTERNET, I’ve omitted the survey link from this post, but if you’re interested in participating, or know people who might be, please send me a private message or email. I’m aware that, in general, members here do not participate in or assist with academic endeavors, so I apologize in advance for spamming this board with yet another academically-oriented request. Thanks a lot for your time, stay safe!

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    PM sent.

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      How can you confirm you're speaking to a real cop?


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        Fantastic question. I cannot. It was a tough decision deciding to post to an online forum, where "certified trolls" abound (Ha!), but I'm counting on a combination of (1) a commitment to public service, and (2) participant screening procedures to minimize threats to validity. It should be interesting, that's for sure!


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          As a long standing, but totally informal rule, we, as a forum, do NOT assist in academic endeavors, defense of thesis', homework assignments, term papers, or similar academic activities. Needless to say, any forum member is free to assist you in many manner he/she chooses. We may just not be jumping in to the boat in order to do this.

          There is also the question of academic validity as noted by my colleague in Post #3. While I am personally confident concerning the status of my colleagues, verification as required by many instructors is lacking here. That would call the validity of your work into question.

          I do however, have a ray of hope for you. Our forum enjoys the presence of at least one "Conservator of the Peace". Now, this individual is essentially a "Secret Agent", so secret in fact, that he has yet to divulge his appointing authority, or agency by which he is allegedly commissioned.

          Our Conservator is also non-certified as an officer, not having undergone the mandated training and certification for the position he purports to hold.

          All of that said, on a given day, one in which all the planets are in line, this veritable treasure trove of information, inside knowledge, in depth insights, might deign to assist you. In this event however, you should be prepared to see your project go south with incredible speed, as the OIQ (Oracle In Question) has no earthly idea of what he's talking about.

          He is fun though, and thus allowed to participate in the forums. Browse the forums, he's not hard to find, lives in the Bat Cave, and is a freguent visitor to Fantasy Land.


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            AND (as my esteemed colleague from Alabama may have forgotten) said Conservator is from your great State! He should have NO reservations about helping out a fellow resident of Illinois!
            semper destravit


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              I will submit this recent vote of no confidence as a guide of what not to be as a police administrator:

              semper destravit


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                Like my brother from another mother in Alabama stated---------------we as a group are very hesitant to assist students and authors in their pursuits.

                It's just shoddy research to get information from an anonymous internet forum.

                Go seek out real people who are verified leaders in the profession -----then seek out real people who are verified subordinates in the profession. THEN you will truly hear what works and what doesn't
                My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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                  Thank you for the replies here. I shall attempt to seek out this Conservator in the hopes that they might be eager to facilitate the enlightenment of public safety leader characteristics.


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