So lately I've been thinking about going into the military upon graduating college in a year. Serving for what ever reason all of a sudden became appealing to me. Just a few questions especially for any vets turned LEO out there.

Officer or enlisted? Obviously it would depend on whether or not I could even get into OCS, but I've heard recommendations both ways. I've heard if you have a degree go officer, more money, but I also heard you push more papers (which is not something I really want to do at 21 years old). Then again I know officers seem to have a better quality of life which I believe is an important factor because I would like to enjoy my time in.

Also, what job would best be suited for someone looking to get into federal law enforcement when he gets out? I heard MP's don't even do much police work anymore, but would that still be the best route to go?

I'm thinking of either the Air Force or Navy (enlisted or officer) and maybe even the army (but only as an officer)

I am planning on talking to a recruiter as well, but I know they are known to have their own agendas so I was hoping I could get some input here first

Btw my degree is going to be in Accounting