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How bad will my traffic tickets hurt when applying


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  • How bad will my traffic tickets hurt when applying

    I'm currently a little over a year from graduating from a major university with a degree in accounting. I'm also currently interning at a federal law enforcement agency. I'm not a drug user in any way and maintain fairly good grades, earned my AA in high school and am 19 years old. Heres the part where I screwed up.

    I've had 3 speeding tickets, my last one being almost 9 months ago. I've completely stopped speeding since (better late than never I suppose). I'm actually scared as hell to speed for fear of another ticket after I realized how much it would truly affect me getting a job in law enforcement (learned this when I applied to be a volunteer with the local PD).

    Now with a mixture of a stupid decision and incredibly bad luck, I received my 4th ticket recently for a seat belt violation. Long story short, I was going around the corner to pick up a friend (with my seat belt on) and she ended up taking forever so I took it off, kicked back in the car and when we left I forgot to put it back on. The speed limit on campus is 20mph so I guess I wasn't going fast enough for it to click in my mind to put my seat belt back on and it jsut so happened to be the week our university police department was running a big click it or ticket initiative.

    How bad will this affect me when I apply to police departments in about a year? Also, how should I explain such a poor driving history when interviewing for either a job or possibly another internship. Would you prefer to hear it offset by other positive qualities and experience that I have, say I was just "young and dumb", or just say there is no excuse for it and leave it at that?

    I'm just really scared that I permanently screwed myself. I was planning on participating in my local PD's citizens on patrol program but I'm pretty sure I won't qualify for that anymore, and now I feel like I might not even be able to land an internship next summer, which I wanted for the purpose of networking and having it on my resume.

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    Permanently? Probably not at most places. Though there are certainly places that are going to lose interest when they see behavior that indicates that you don't learn from your mistakes.

    More will decide against you by your inability to say you screwed up without trying to mitigate your actions with any rationale, let alone a poor one.

    tl;dr- not screwed forever, learn from your mistakes, expect to wait a few years before someone is willing to look past your poor driving ability.


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      First things first, "good/positive things" don't cancel out "bad/negative" things. It just doesn't work that way.

      Second, stop making excuses. No one is interested in your story. It's rather simple, you broke the law. We don't care why you think it was ok to break the law.

      Third, Just stop doing it. Stop breaking the god damn law.

      Fourth, you're right to worry, but at this point it won't be a deal breaker if you stop breaking the mother ******* law right now. Unfortunately you've established a pattern of breaking the law in a short period of time. Although they are "minor" in nature, you've accumulated 4 too many. Show "them" you can correct incorrect behavior, learn from your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions.

      Fifth, I just wanted to go to five. Good luck!


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        Torpedoed for all time? No. My Agency looks very closely at Motor Vehicle Histories, and based on the total and recency of your citations, we'd non select you where you to apply at this time.

        You're going to need to compile a period of violation free driving (3-5 years) depending on the agency. Then, they'll probably take a look at you.


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          When i was hired i was asked about every ticket i had ever gotten,that was tough at my age .counting back 30 years i told them upfront i might miss a few.
          The next question was how long since you got the last one.

          You have to realize insurance is thru the roof for departments as it is. Having someone with a bad or rough driving record makes it worse. They will normally look close at it .Money is tight everywhere.As mentioned above. Stop getting tickets and good luck.


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            As you will soon learn- if an agency has one position open and two applicants, chances are the one without issues will be offered the job whereas the one with will not.

            Tickets are not end all, but they certainly don't help.

            There are no excuses in this game. You got tickets- what is your plan to not collect any more?
            Originally posted by SSD
            It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
            Originally posted by Iowa #1603
            And now you are arguing about not arguing..................


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              I really can't add anything to the advice you have already been given.

              BUT, for the most part you are going to have to have a minimum of 3 years of citation free driving before you will be considered for MOST agencies. Some will require LONGER periods.
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                They are going to hurt you until you can establish to someone's satisfaction that you are done getting tickets. It is not a permanent DQ, but you are not making things any easier on yourself.


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                  If we had to look at several candidates and all were squeaky clean and then there was you with your tickets......the latest being 9 months ago....which one would you choose??????

                  I rest my case.......


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                    One major thing that will hinder you is your age. Not many agencies willing to hire a 19 yr old.
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                      i got hired with 9 tickets on my record. Time is your friend. Keep the rest of your background clean and slow down.


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                        Farva also assaulted a bus full of kids.....

                        Tickets + Age = Issue, but not a DQ by any means.

                        Good luck!
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                          What part was the bad luck?


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