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  • U-turn/right on red

    17 years on the job and someone just asked me this question....In Arizona you can make a u-turn unless otherwise posted and do so in a safe manner....I was asked what would happen and who would get the ticket if someone was making a u-turn at a traffic light and they had the green turn arrow and the other driver was making a right on red after coming to a complete stop...I said technically I could write both drivers but I'd probably write the driver who hit the other vehicle....I'd like to hear from some of you traffic guru's on this.

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    Wouldn't the guy turning on red be required to yield to the car with a green light making a u-turn? I'd write the guy turning on red I'd imagine.
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      Here in NC, I'm fairly certain the car that turned on red would get the ticket, as the U-turn would be considered through traffic.

      Same as, here at least, if someone goes to legally pass, and then the car they are passing decides to turn left in what would normally be a legal turn, the turning vehicle is at fault.

      However, I work traffic, but not wrecks, so take my guess with a pallet of salt rocks.


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        I'd say the guy turning right on red has the duty to yield if you can legally make the u-turn.

        Probably why some jurisdictions only allow u-turns at specially marked intersections. Mine, for example, outlaws any u-turn in a commercial area (defined as at least two businesses on the corners of the intersection) unless a sign specifically allows it.

        Oh, and to answer the question, in your hypothetical I wouldn't cite anybody. Let the insurance companies shake it out.
        I miss you, Dave.


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          In Georgia, any vehicle preparing to enter a roadway has to yield to all vehicles already on that roadway. The person making the u-turn has the right of way.
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            U-turns in intersection are prohibited here.


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              Thanks guys appreciate the feedback.


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