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Questions about CA Fish and Game Warden:


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  • Questions about CA Fish and Game Warden:

    1. It says on the website that they work from their homes. Does that mean you will be immediately assigned to your house after the academy for your probationary training?
    2. Follow up Question: Will they make me move? (I'm a reservist in the Coast Guard and I don't want to move.)
    3. How do they feel about having back up so far away?
    4. What do you do if your assigned to urban area? Do you just assist local PDs when they call you?

    P.S. Sorry if what I wrote doesn't make any sense. I typed this on my old slow phone.

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    In my state NY they work from home. You might be from Niagara Falls and get assigned to Long Island until your seniority allows you to move closer to "home". That's about 400 miles. So if assigned Long Island you would respond from your unbelievably expensive one room hovel that you call home at that time. Probably located in a crack infested area near NYC as that's all you can afford.


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      Try this: Ask your questions on the California section of the forums. Now, a very general reply. A Game Warden, in common with many officers, is expected to work with a minimum of supervision.

      Often, you will work alone (and most of your clients will be armed). Working from your house is rather common especially for Wildlife Officers.

      Moving? Count on it. Re: Your Coast Guard Reserve status. You'll either commute to your present unit, or request transfer to one nearer to where you work.


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        If you're going to work for a CA state agency, you'll have to be okay with being transferred to anywhere in the state for a few years. As the new guy, you probably won't have a whole lot of choice in where you go.
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          I’m not a fish cop but I worked with them for many years.

          I can’t speak about probation training. However, as a state employee you must be willing to work anywhere in state that you are assigned. If you are unwilling to move and there is not a position where you live, then you lack the minimum requirements for the job and are a DQ.

          There is usually someone available to back you up, but it may not be another fish cop. If you are in the boonies your backup may come from CHP, the County SO, Park Rangers, Local PD. In the boonies you get to know all the other cops, you learn how to cross communicate, and if you think you are going to have a problem you give them a heads up and have them start rolling their way or simply take them with you on a potential problem call.

          In urban areas the local PD and SO is your back up. Urban areas like Los Angeles deal with issues such as lobster and abalone poaching, certain commercial fishing violations (illegal sales, failure to maintain log books), unlicensed possession of wildlife as pets, wildlife that enters urban areas and endangers the public. There are not that many wardens in urban areas.
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            Originally posted by John_downy View Post
            2. Follow up Question: Will they make me move? (I'm a reservist in the Coast Guard and I don't want to move.)

            Which job pays the bills?
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