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Drug dealers right next door...


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  • Drug dealers right next door...

    I am quite certain that the young man living next door to us is selling drugs. There are a lot of people coming to the apartment, stay a minute or two and leave. Some of them are pretty skanky looking individuals. Last evening, we had a guy in the complex going door to door looking for someone, and I believe it was the guy next door. He appeared to me to be high on meth, judging from his rapid speech, nervousness, etc. Our manager called the police but they didn't come for 2 hours (dispatcher said someone would be there right away) and all the activity had quieted down. My husband and I are very concerned about this, as we share a wall with this joker. He lives with his mother (a very nice lady) and his brother, who is developmentally disabled.

    What can we do to convince the police this is serious? There are a lot of children living in this complex and the last thing we need here is a drug deal gone bad, and guns and/or other violence come into play. I suspect the young man is on probation as he's been picked up by the police before.

    I understand fully that law enforcement cannot act without probable cause. Should we begin taking pictures of these people coming in and out? Writing down license plate numbers? I could really use some sound, practical and safe advice.

    Thanks in advance to all of you!
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    Contact your local Drug Task Force. Chances are they will have a file on this guy already. One of our officers tipped DTF to a meth lab 3 doors down from him in the same apt complex.
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      As J. Dixon said, notify your local PD, Sheriff's Office or drug task force. Give them all the information you have, and continue on with life as usual. Most importantly, don't do ANYTHING that could endanger you or your family and be patient because these types of investigations sometimes take a while. Also, thank you for being a concerned citizen who reports these activities and keep us posted on the outcome.

      Best of luck!


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