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WANTED: Freshman College Student Safety Advice (NYC)


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  • WANTED: Freshman College Student Safety Advice (NYC)

    My niece/God daughter will be starting her freshman year at New York University (NYU) soon. I gave her the standard "never walk alone, always lock your doors,...." lecture but I may have overlooked something.

    I'd appreciate to hear any other LEO safety tips or from NY cops who work/know the area.

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    Walk with your head up (not aimed at your shoes)... Do not carry a purse, but carry a fanny pack or something similar.... don't walk around dark areas at night, no matter how many people are around you... if you see someone acting strange (to you, many people in the City act strange ), cross the street, go into the nearest business, hail a taxi...
    Actually the City isn't all that bad - no different than taking precautions anywhere else, I think.
    One thing I can't stress enough though, is to be confident when speaking to strangers who are invading your space. I was in Rome (Italy, not NY) a few years ago, and the subways and buses are riddled with gypsies. One of many incidences: these men tried to back me up against the wall while 'bumping' into me (to try and find out which pocket held my money). They expected that I would just be quiet about it and think it was just accidental. Well, wrong chick to do that to! LOL.. I yelled at them to get away from me. They apologized (such polite criminals in Italy!!) and moved away.
    Another suggestion I have - buy her a passport purse. It is a thin wallet on a string that can hold papers, money, etc. I used one while traveling and they are great. I put it around my neck, and shoved the purse part down the front of my pants. (Sounds gross, but it can sit right on your tummy right inside your pants. Nobody sees a purse, and pickpockets can't get to it.
    I hope this helps.
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      Along the lines of what Stump posted, she MUST learn to make a scene. We have been taught to be polite, don't yell, etc. If she starts to feel uncomfortable, she must start drawing attention by yelling, throwing things, etc. "GET AWAY FROM ME" gets a faster,larger reaction than "please leave me alone".
      And everywhere she needs to be aware of her surroundings, as well as who is around her.

      PS: Stump, the gyspies are from Roumania, at least originally.
      "A man who has nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the existing of better men than himself."
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        Have her transfer to a school in a state that honors the Constitution. Then get her a gun and teach her to use it.

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          My seminary was in NYC, I lived there three years and loved it a lot. No one mentioned subways, so let me mention, when she takes the subway, stay near the gate, don't move to the ends of the track. Not only will she be likely to be closer to people in the station, she'll be closer to the conductor on the train.
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            ok heres some college tips from a recent grad:
            #1 if pepper spray of any sort is legal for personal use in NY get her a small can for her key chain.
            #2 If shes going out at night a safe place for ID and money is your sock.
            #3 Do not go to parties alone, or with the accompany of a newly met guy. (important, frat guys are out for *** and they dont stop at anything...unfortunate)If she is going to drink (which she is trust me) tell her not to be alone at ANY time. Regardless of how much she consumes etc etc... these make easy targets, and ive seen many good girls put into terrible situations and potentially dangerous situations by doing this.
            #4 try to remain in large groups... statistics show that on campuses larger groups of people are less often subject to smaller groups, i know common sense, but kids wont think of it.
            #5 know your surroundings and always have a way away form a potential situation.

            there are tons more, mostly common sense, second the importance of pepper foam, and a cellphone even, small plastic whistles are also good and will probably be given out by the school she is attending. (rape whistles)

            feel free to pm for other tips, cant think right now too late ill think more tomarrow.


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              NYU doesn't really have a "campus" so to speak, and students socialize in the surrounding neighborhoods including the Union Square area a little uptown from the main school facilities. NYU has marked security vans that offer rides for students at night but they're probably considered "uncool" by many students.

              You cannot carry any self defense type sprays in NYC. Generally, it's a safe area even at night as long as you're in groups, preferably with some males along. I agree with Stump about attitude and initial response to any unwanted attention and I posted some info about a great course that's given just a little uptown from NYU here on another thread:IMPACT SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN
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                Hmmm... I got my spray in NYC.... When did they pass that ordinance?
                Good call, Keppy, about the subway thing. I was thinking about it, and just didn't type it out as my post was very long anyway.
                If you really want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. -- Homer Simpson


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                  You can buy crack in some NYC bodegas too, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Just hit any of the equipment/gear links on and check the shipping info on pepper sprays (or even expandable battons) because they won't even ship to NY at all.
                  No longer ignoring anybody here, since that psycho known as "Josey Wales" finally got the boot after being outed as a LE imposter by B&G978. Nice job.


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                    Originally posted by ProWriter
                    You can buy crack in some NYC bodegas too, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal.
                    Well that was a pleasant response. I am not challenging you, just curious. I am well aware that things can be purchased illegally, but I bought mine in a store, however it was years ago. All I wanted to know was when they passed this ordinance? Do you have a link to the actual law?
                    If you really want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. -- Homer Simpson


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                      Stump, that response wasn't intended in the tone you read and I didn't take it as a challenge at all. I have a dry sense of humor that sometimes comes across differently in type, ok? I was just saying that you can buy almost anything, especially in NYC, irrespective of whether or not it's legal, including drug paraphernalia right in the open under glass countertops, and even firearms from (some) fully licensed dealers without any sort of permit whatsoever. I know for SURE that mace and expandable batons, tasers, etc are all misdemeanors in the five boroughs of NYC and I'm 99% sure it covers pepper sprays, too. I'll see if I can find the statute with the specific reference. Sorry if that came across differently from the way it was intended, but it was dry humor and nothing more.
                      No longer ignoring anybody here, since that psycho known as "Josey Wales" finally got the boot after being outed as a LE imposter by B&G978. Nice job.


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                        not to worry as far as the city goes

                        NYU is in the 6th Precinct and is considered a slow house as far as crime goes and a plum assignment that requires a hook to get(I would have killed to work there when I was on the job!). But thats not to say every thing is peachy keen with nothing to worry about in Greenwich Village. One thing she should not do is walk around Washington Square Park from dusk on. Smack is back in a big way. Their are junkies in the park at night and that says it all. Also,the usual stuff, being a young lady she is and being on the safe side she is not to make eye contact on the street, always walk with a purpose, and do not be shy about telling some skell to f*%k off as soon as they start their pitch for gas money so they can get back to the junk house. DO NOT WALK alone after dark and when waiting for a train down in the tunnels DO NOT wait to close to the tracks! Stand back a bit and always ride in populated cars. And I would strongly recommend that she get some quality foam pepper spray 15 %OC and teach her how to use it. Yes it is against the law and I say so what. No MOS is gonna wirte some young lady for pepper spray. And this is family were talking about so to hell with worry. My wife and I had a baby girl a little while back so I know what you feel about the saftey of our girls. I must say over all the west village is probably the safest part of nyc (along with the UES) and everything is most likely going to be just fine. Just try to get it through her head about the saftey stuff. Alot of young kids go off to college and think everything is great and no worries but this is still the city and crime is going up regardless of what pc kelly and mayor bloomie say in the papers. But if she plays it safe she is going to be ok and what a great experience for her to be able to go to school at nyu.I wish her all the best!


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                          Get her up to speed on date rape drugs. Rohypnol and GHB are the big names, but there are others, including the number one date rape drug, alcohol.

                          Not only are they everywhere, but you can imagine how hard it is to work up a decent prosecution case with a victim who has either no memory of the eight hours after taking a drink or nothing but flashes like having her clothes removed or being put into a car and in whom the metabolytes of the drug will leave their system before they convince themselves something happened and they report it.

                          The rules:
                          Don't accept a drink from anything but the bartender's hand.
                          Don't leave a drink unattended, even for a moment.
                          Buddy up with a trusted girlfriend to
                          keep an eye on each other.

                          The same goes for bottled water. (GHB is clear, odorless and tasteless, and bottled water is a favorite vehicle.)

                          She will encounter friends who take these deliberately as party drugs, and she will hear passionate arguments that the whole date rape drug scare is a hoax.


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                            i went to nyu. its pretty much like that other dude said.... the area is pretty quiet. i dont think its any more dangerous that boston, miami, san diego, san fran, or anywhere else for that matter. use common sense when going out at night. try not to walk alone. only associate with people you know. be aware of your surroundings. stay in populated areas an much as possible. there arent any special tips needed to survive in new york city. most of the people who tell you that new york is dangerous probably were never there before.
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                              I'm a New York City L.E.O. (with more than 20 years experience) AND THE PURCHASE OF THESE SPRAYS HAS been legal FOR SEVERAL YEARS! Approximately 5 years these items have been avaialable to the general public. You can walk into ANY Police Uniform Supply Store throughout the city and purchase this item -- Although there's a difference types of sprays available to Civilians and L.E.O.'s! All you need to do is show I.D. that you are 18 years of age and you may purchase the Pepper Spray!

                              If the purchase is made in a Police Supply Store the purchase is generally recorded in a log book.

                              I teach a variety of self defense arts. My specialty is women and children. If you'd like further assisrtance or direction concerning your God Daughter please let me know. I'd be more than happy to assist you and her.

                              The N.Y.U. area is NOT AS SAFE as previously indicated! There has been an INCREASE in attacks on the student population. Some of these attacks were prompted by GANG MEMBERS that frequent the area especially on Friday - Saturday _ Sunday evenings.

                              I will send a P.M. with some further information regarding safety tips.


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