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  • diabetes

    I am currently going to school for Law Enforcement and I am a type 1 diabetic
    and i wanted to get a medical alert tattoo on my wrist because I have a hard time
    wearing bracelets and necklaces and i was just wondering will agencies not hire me
    because of the tattoo.

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    You'll need to check with the depts you're interested in working for and see what their tattoo policy is
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      A common tattoo policy is that it can't be visible in a short-sleeved shirt (which the wrist would). Some agencies with that policy might allow a medical tat like you've described, but then again some won't. As stated above, it's going to depend entirely on the agency.

      My general tattoo advice would be not to do it until you're hired by an agency and know their policy. In your case, you'll have to make the decision with the knowledge that your options could be limited.


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        Depends on the size of the agency you end up working for. If you have under 200 officers just let your co-workers and supervisors know. If available, they can put it in your PD profile that dispatch has access to or you can sew on a cloth Type 1 Diabetic patch to your ballestic vest. Good luck!
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          You may have a problem getting hired because of your diabetes. Take a look at http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Endo.pdf It will explain the issues diabetes poses for personnel in law enforcement and why it is a disqualifier for many agencies.
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            Hi there, I read your post, and although I don't have an exact answer, I can offer some advice. As a Type 1 Diabetic myself, I try to maintain my diabetes tightly and aim to keep it under control. Depending on your community and where you are trying to get hired at, they may make accommodations because your diabetes. However, the more I have read, the bigger the PD, the bigger the diabetes is an issue.

            Don't let that get you down though. We are capable of doing anything a non diabetic can do, we just have to be extra careful.

            As far as the tattoo goes, I would wait on getting it. Even in the handbook for the academy I am getting ready to join, they state that if you have any visible tattoo's, they recommend you have them removed or covered. I have three, but they are all easy to cover.


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              It all depends on your location. I know some officers with the 'beetus and they have no problems.
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