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  • A couple of application questions

    Hey there,

    I was filling out the initial online application for the Los Angeles Police Department when I noticed two questions on there I wasn't sure how to answer, for reasons I'll explain.

    The first was regarding my driving history. I was involved in a minor car accident where I was at fault, and immediately signaled and pulled over immediately to exchange information with the other driver. However, that same driver did not pull over and instead drove off without hesitation. I waited for at least ten minutes, thinking that he/she would pull a U-turn somewhere and come back, but to no avail. Upon returning home, I used a wipe to clean the residue that was visible on my car and it came clean off, with no dents/scratches remaining. I'm not sure whether I should list that in my application - if I do, I'd be listing something that hasn't 'officially' been recorded anywhere and by anyone. If I don't, it looks like I'm trying to spare myself embarrassment or worse (lying) when it's not my intention to do so.

    The second involves my presence in a crowd of pot smokers, which took place only once and that was a year or two ago. Now, I never smoked marijuana, or used any illegal substances. Not even cigarettes. However, I'm not sure whether being present among potheads would be second-hand smoking or not, and if it should be listed. I certainly do not associate myself with these types of people, and wouldn't have been there if I knew what the circumstances would be.

    If any officer on here could let me know whether either or both should be listed on my application, I would be extremely grateful.

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    To your first question...explain what happened just like you did here....to your second question...was it asked if you had smoked it or been around it?


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      Explain both situations. The second one could be of a little more concern than the first.


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        Thank you both for your responses. The questions that are causing me concern are these;

        1) In the past five years, what is your total number of at-fault traffic accidents and traffic citations for moving violations?


        2) Have you ever used or experimented with any of the following substances, drugs, or narcotics?

        (One of the ones listed is marijuana)

        With the at fault accident, it seems like they are asking about cited infractions.

        The marijuana one is a bit more ambiguous as it doesn't mention second hand smoking, which might or might not be considered 'using' marijuana.

        From what I gather, I should mark both events down and try to explain it later. Right?


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          Based on your post, there was no report made concerning the accident. Simply list the accident and explain the circumstances. Second, and as I noted, the more important question. I'm assuming that you've "experimented with no drugs or narcotics. I'm assuming that the marijuana was being used, but you were not using it.

          My question then would be, why were you there in the first place? Be prepared to answer that . Past that, yes mention your presence at the gathering. Explain that you did not use any marijuana. The potential issue here will not be second hand smoke, but why you were present in the first place.


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            I wasn't using/smoking marijuana. My presence was simply an outcome of hanging out with a cousin of mine that I visit every couple of years or so. He simply asked me to socialize with him and I, having no knowledge of his use of the substance prior to that event, agreed. I never inhaled it and, in fact, sat well away from the smokers as the smell of it frankly stinks to me. This happened two years ago.

            Marking the accident down is something I have no issues doing seeing as I was clearly at fault and took proper procedure in attempting to exchange information with the other driver, but listing the marijuana use is what I was having doubts about. There is no extra space on the form available for me to explain what kind of 'usage' it was, and therefore I'm afraid I'll get DQ'd before I get the chance to set the record straight.

            Anyway, thanks for your elaboration PhilipCal.


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              You didn't use marijuana.

              If there was no damage there was no collision.
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                With direction to the traffic accident situation. If you made no report, no claim to an insurance company, was not contacted by an investigating agency - law enforcement or insurance - concerning the incident; the incident did not happen. Just answer the question: NONE

                The question is designed to elicit incidents in which an investigation has been conducted. Whether your own conscience feels guilty for the accident or not is the issue.

                With respect to the second question: YES, you have been present where drug use was present. Simply make a comment of explanation that you did not personally use the items and left once it began; or, whatever the case was at the time.

                Don't try to read into the questions. They are not designed to trick you, they are basic queries to get an idea of what you have been doing with your life.
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                  Originally posted by jacob_greenberg
                  I also have never used marijuana, but from some of the stuff I read on here, it almost seems like if your young and trying to become a police officer today and being from new york, that I would be considered lying for saying I never experimented with it (even though I have not) I even read one post on here about a guy at an oral board who was practically yelled at for not "admitting" that he tried it, to the point that he says he felt like he would have been better off lying and saying he tried it once, it seems backwards I know, but now I'm concerned about this, I do not want to come off seeming like a liar.

                  any thoughts or advice? (even if your advice is to simply tell the truth, any thoughts on what I said as far as it seeming believable or not that I never smoked? I do know I am one of the very few from my entire town, and age group, who has not tried it, so I understand the skepticism on their part...even other people my age have a hard time believing me when the topic comes up.)
                  Im assuming by saying people your age, you also mean people my age. Trust me there are many people our age who have never used marijuana. If your being honest, be honest. If your lying, they will be able to tell. If you've really never used it, don't lie and say you did.


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                    For the first, list it and tell what happened. No big deal.

                    Second, if you didn't smoke it then you didn't experiment. They want to know if you actually smoked it. If not then tell them you didn't. If you did, then tell them.

                    These questions aren't hard, just answer them honestly. If you can't answer them honestly then you shouldn't be filling out the app.


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