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What's on your duty belt?


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  • What's on your duty belt?

    Hi guys,

    I was issued my duty belt about 2 weeks ago with all the little trinkets and gadgets that I would be issued by my department.

    More or less I was given my holster, my mag holders, glove case, and one set of cuffs/cuff case.

    I will be getting my OC Spray after I qualify with it (again...) and have opted to use a clip on radio rather than a radio holster.

    Seems pretty light to me. No mention of a flashlight from the department at all. Is there anything you guys have found that has come in very handy for you on the job that you think I should buy with my own money? They suggested I get at least 2 more sets of cuffs to keep on me or in my duty bag. Other than that, I'm kind of in the dark. My start date is July 8th and I don't get sent to the Academy until the 23rd so I'm going to need to have a handle on my gear before I get "trained" correctly. Any tips or suggestions?

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    You will need 2 sets of cuffs. A flashlight on the belt and atleast one extra in the car. I wouldn't use the little clips on the radio they will either break or fall off during running or fighting. Find a radio holder you like that holds it secure and doesn't hang down your leg.
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      Originally posted by JDCOP View Post
      You will need 2 sets of cuffs. A flashlight on the belt and atleast one extra in the car. I wouldn't use the little clips on the radio they will either break or fall off during running or fighting. Find a radio holder you like that holds it secure and doesn't hang down your leg.
      Excellent post. I would like to offer some insight on the importance of having at least one (better with more) working flashlight. I've had several conversations with "newbies" who say things like "why would I need a flashlight if I'm only working days"? There are times where you will find yourself in situations where you end up in a dark place, and you will wish you had a flashlight. I've done foot pursuits into abandoned buildings, movie theaters, etc, where the only light source was what I had with me. Wonderful to have the "upper hand" over the suspects who suddenly find themselves in the dark. Also, as many of us have experienced, there will be times where we will be able to pull a second shift or stay on until we can be relieved. Working in the dark without a flashlight is very difficult. I did it once, and that was the only time it happened to me.

      Good luck with the new job, and be safe!
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        I've been doing this for a while now and remember when cops carried revolvers and patrol cars had carbs.

        My current duty rig is set up as follows, starting from the front center and working around anti-clockwise. Magazine case, chemical weapon, Glock 21 with light in level 2+ holster, asp, cuffs, big empty space, cuffs, radio with nice strong metal clip, TASER, transmitter for incar video system. I carry a Stinger DS in a sap pocket on the right leg, my leather gloves are in a matching sap pocket on the left leg.
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          Gonna be my gut if I don't get back to the gym soon.

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            Starting at the buckle and working clockwise:
            ammo pouch
            key holder (doubles as belt keeper)
            belt keeper
            belt keeper
            glove pouch
            flashlight ring
            radio holster
            belt keeper
            taser holster
            OC spray
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              Starting at buckle and going clockwise:
              flashlight holder
              handcuff case
              glove case
              handcuff case
              flashlight ring
              magazine pouch


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                From my left (right of the belt buckle if you are looking at me), going counter clockwise;

                -Safariland double mag pouch, mounted vertically
                -Belt keeper
                -Dept issue cell phone (radio doesn't work in all areas of our town so it is necessary)
                -Monodnock expandable baton
                -X26 Taser mounted in a blade tech holster (mounted for draw with left hand)
                -Motorola Radio
                -Flashlight ring
                -Belt keeper @7 o'clock and 5 o'clock
                -No gear from about my 8 o'clock to my 3 o'clock
                -Smith and Wesson M&P .45 in a Safariland holster
                -Belt keeper
                -Leatherman wave
                -OC Spray
                -Double cuff case with on hinged and one chain

                I also carry a back up flashlight in my front left pocket, medical gloves in the standard pouch in my left cargo pocket along with a tourniquet. Over all on patrol I carry at least 3 flashlights, excluding my weapons light. I work midnights in suburban/rural place, and have a phobia of needing a light and not having one. So I have at least two on my person at all times. I pretty much go with the theory that any thing worth carrying, is worth carrying a backup.


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                  Don't forget the white out holster.
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                    Originally posted by pujolsfan146 View Post
                    Don't forget the white out holster.
                    Or the tether for your gun.......................................

                    (in memory of ImperialCop)
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                      I'll play again since I have a recent change.
                      Bianchi nylon duty belt
                      belt keeper I also use as a keyring holder
                      nylon pouch containing 1.4 oz bottle of PepperBall PAVA Pepper Spray
                      Blackhawk Serpa holster containing a Glock 4th Gen Mod 23 with Hogue grip and AmeriGlo night sights
                      black nylon pouch containing a Gerber Grappler multi-tool
                      flashlight ring
                      Bianchi nylon handcuff case containing Peerless handcuffs
                      2-belt keepers
                      Bianchi nylon handcuff case containing some cheapy handcuffs I can't remember name
                      Blackhawk Gladius Night-Ops flashlight in factory holder
                      21" ASP expandable baton in a nylon holder
                      nylon radio holder containing Motorola HT1250 w/speakermic
                      nylon belt keeper
                      Blackhawk X26 Taser holster containing a yellow X26 Taser
                      Bianchi nylon double mag pouch containing 2-Glock 23 13 round magazines-loaded w/Speer Gold Dot LE duty ammo


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                        Front buckle going clockwise:
                        Double cuff case
                        Safariland triple retention holster, Sig P220 with Surefire x300 light
                        26" Expandable ASP
                        Key holder
                        Clear back with 2 keepers
                        Radio holder
                        Pelican flashlight
                        Baton ring for 29" straight stick
                        X26 taser in Blackhawk holster, left hand draw
                        Double mag pouch


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                          Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
                          Or the tether for your gun.......................................

                          (in memory of ImperialCop)
                          I carry just one thing, HAND SANITIZER!!!

                          from my triple retention clasp
                          double mag pouch
                          cuff case
                          Nothing too crazy, I keep extra cuffs in my bag if it's a hot call.
                          I got nothing for now


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                            Front buckle going clockwise:
                            single handcuff pouch with Smith & Wesson hinged cuffs
                            metal key hook - I use this for vehicle keys/jail keys
                            OC spray
                            gun - S&W M&P9 with Streamlight TLR-1s and stippled grip
                            seatbelt cutter in cell phone case (issued, required to wear on belt)
                            single cuff case with Peerless hinged cuffs (center back, I only use these for people with big wrists)
                            flashlight - Streamlight Strion
                            Taser X2 (MUCH nicer than the X-26 it replaced this month)
                            expandable baton (Monadnock 22" autolock)
                            key keeper
                            double mag pouch (open top since I carry extended mags that hold 22 rounds)

                            With a 33" waist, I have a full belt. Unfortunately, I only get to carry everything when I'm working special events or doing transport/hospital duty. In the jail, I don't get gun/mags or baton.
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                              Ok, on my belt, from the belt buckle clockwise if you were wearing it and looking down at it... Key ring holder/belt keeper with key ring with extra car key, spare personal car key, station key, locker key and spare handcuff key. Insight MX3 Weaponlight, Holster with Sig 229, ASP baton, Pepper spray in spray holder, handcuff strap, glove pouch (at the small of my back), another handcuff strap, flashlight holder with Streamlight Stinger, radio holder with radio, Taser X26 and holster, Magazine pouch. My dept gave me everything on my belt except the second cuff pouch/strap. They issued us two cuffs but i use ASP cuffs and keep the issued ones as spares or for really nasty customers.

                              Now, as far as other stuff to buy..... I posted this in a thread in the Rookie section of the forum. Search for it, it is still on the first page there and has lots of good info in it.

                              Well, slow down first of all. Before you go spending your next years salary that you haven't even gotten yet at the local shops and the internet, see what they issue you first, and then ask your FTO what kinds of things he expects you to have.

                              If you have pool cars, or take home cars, lots of places will put the crime scene tape, traffic cones, flares, first aid kits and stuff in the trunks.

                              Here is what I personally carry.....

                              I have two bags, one is a large duty bag like you can buy at galls, or your local shops. The other, is a small messenger bag type thing with a couple pockets. It is fastened to the larger bag with the buckle strap that can unbuckled in a couple seconds...

                              Small bag first:

                              Three Extra pistol magazines with dept issue ammo. (They don't issue enough for that, so I went out and bought a couple boxes of the same exact stuff)
                              One extra pistol magazine for backup pistol.
                              2 Shotgun shell speedstrips with extra dept issue shotgun ammo.
                              When issued patrol rifle, extra magazines for rifle.
                              First aid/gunshot wound bandage stuff

                              This is the "gunfight" bag that would be grabbed for an active shooter type situation. I can throw it on my shoulder and take off only losing a couple seconds. I have never used this bag yet but it takes up a tiny amount of space as it is just some ammo and first aid stuff.

                              Now the main bag:

                              Plastic accordion file with all the day to day forms.
                              Map book
                              Ticket book
                              Local Ordinance book
                              State Ordinance book
                              Traffic Vest
                              Folders for vital info/papers to save
                              Laminated maps copied out of the map book highlighted with different beat plans (I made these for myself when i was new)
                              Patrol gloves
                              Stocking cap (in the cold weather months)
                              A few pairs of latex/nitrile gloves (I just ask our EMS folks for some and they give me a handful)
                              Spare handcuffs (I carry two with me, one more set in the bag.
                              Flex cuffs
                              Spare batteries (CR123's for my backup light and weapon light)
                              Car charger for cell phone
                              Leatherman multitool
                              Spare pens.
                              Spare notebook
                              Extra Taser cartridge
                              1 extra duty pistol mag
                              4 cell maglight (usually in the straps outside of the bag, as i carry it on calls.)
                              2 Cliff bars or Powerbars. (you will have days where you can't eat.)
                              1 wrapped plastic fork and spoon (from a fast food place, replace as needed. The first time you order food to go and leave only to realize they forgot one you will realize why i have this.)

                              I also have a small bag that goes internal in the large patrol bag that contains:

                              travel size bottle of contact solution (obviously not a concern if you don't wear contacts)
                              small bottle of Advil
                              small bottle of Tums
                              small bottle of Dramamine (motion sickness sucks if you are prone to it)
                              Vicks Vaporub (you'll figure this out if you need it)
                              small package of Kleenex

                              Now, I work in an urban area and am never more than a few miles from a station or substation. If i worked in a rural area i would have more stuff, and especially stuff like spare radio batteries and what not.

                              This seems like a lot, but it fits in a 30' by 12" by 10" bag.

                              You will find other stuff you will need, or stuff that makes the day easier, but for the most part I could do without just about all the stuff in my bag except for the forms and the pens....



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