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    i was at the mall today and sqw the security wearing long sleeve dress uniforms and smokey bear hats.i would like to know who likes dress uniforms or bdu's better for street work and dress hats,smokey bear hats and baseball caps to wear on duty and why?


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    i'm not much of a hat person, i used to work for an agency that wore stetsons, but now i work for an agency that wears bus driver hats. personally i like the idea of bdu's, i think that they are more durable, practical, and if worn properly can still appear professional. i guess some people dont like the military/swat appearance of them though (probably why i have to wear polyester crap). not a big fan of baseball hats for a uniform even with bdu's, but there are limited options there.

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      My own personal opinion is that BDUs and BB Caps look like crap. Yes, I think there is a time and place for them, but I don't beleive it is regular patrol. I know, I'm gonna get roasted for this because of the comfort and utility involved. But it is still my personal opinion.

      As for hats, I've worn them all (except the beret.) BB caps, bus driver hats, stetsons & smokey bears. My own personal choice is the stetson. But the smokey bear hat keeps the sun off of you better, and if you have a rain cover (always practice SAFE HAT!) does a good job of keeping the rain from running down the neck inside your raincoat.

      I've always HATED the bus driver hats. ECCCH.
      6P1 (retired)


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        I have to agree...I hate the baseball hats. They are fine on special assignments but not as a daily uniform.
        I personally feel that hats create a safety issue and can endanger officers (especially us short ones ).

        I love the BDUs.


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          I am very much for the dress uniforms versus the BDU style uniforms. I will agree that BDU uniforms do have their place with specialized units and other special circumstances.

          I think that the police need to display a professional appearance. I believe that regular duty wear needs to be professional, neat, and clean. The appearance of an officer wearing a uniform with polished collar brass, nameplate, and badge give off a very professional aire. Accompanied by trousers with pressed creases and boots that are polished. Last but not least the hat. Personally, I think the Campaign Hats are extrememly professional looking. But, any official hat looks good with a proper uniform as long as it is not a baseball style hat. In my department the official hat is a bus driver style, but we may also wear campaign hats. The official hats are worn for special events and/or funerals. I wear my campaign hat when it rains or I am going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time.

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            I avoid wearing hats like grim death. When I have to, due to downpours, I wear a BB cap.


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              thanks for the replies.



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                Originally posted by webjeep
                i'm not much of a hat person, i used to work for an agency that wore stetsons
                Yehaww... we wear Stetsons also. I don't like the looks of baseball caps for regular patrol but the K9 unit (interdiction) wears them. I have waaaaaay too much hair for any kind of hat (except baseball) and it is a real PITA for me.

                I need more pockets and like BDUs but, with the exception of the K9s, we have polyester here also


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                  We don't have to wear hats for anything except police funerals, parades, or other formal events.

                  I don't like hats. I don't look good in them at all. I think I'd look really stupid in a smokey the bear hat.
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                    We can wear the "bus driver" hat or straw stetson-type hats, but only if all officers elect to wear them. I don't like to wear hats unless it's a BB cap, which we wear when at the range.

                    We're not allowed to wear smokey the bear/campaign hats because we are Veteran's Affairs police...I think the reason is that it reminds the veterans of drill instructors and they don't want to be intimidated or have flashbacks. Fine by me!
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                      on warm days we wear shorts and polos. in the cold i usually wear the bdu.
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                        I just think the the more prevelant polyester uniforms just aren't practical for police work. I WISH we could wear BDUs. I think that if properly worn and in concert with colar brass and name tag they can look quite professional. AND NOT NEARLY AS EXPENSIVE. At least in comparison to our unis.

                        As far as hats go I hate any hat. We have the bus driver style but I don't know anyone that wears it. For the rain I have my old boonie cap. It's not authorized but hey, I work graveyard. It's not like the Chief is going to see me.

                        Oh wait......I am the Chief.
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                          But if you're the Chief...can't you come up with your own uniform policy?


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                            I am not real big on wearing a hat either. My deparment currently wears campaign hats, but I would much much rather wear a BB hat.


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                              I've personally come to really like the look of berets with BDUs, esp. since all of the Army switched over.

                              I think the beret, with an emblem patch, REALLY sharpens up the BDU.

                              I also think that cowboy hats look STUPID. We drove through Texas, and a highway patrolman passed us... hehe... my wife remarked: "Who was that? Junior Brown?"


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