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Knife Laws in Michigan

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  • Knife Laws in Michigan


    I am a minor and am wondering what the laws are in Michigan concerning carrying pocket knifes and knives with blades longer than 3 inches. Can it be "concealed" in a pocket? Are there age restrictions? Also, does it matter if there is open assist feature on the knife?


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    Two thoughts which might help you. Google Michigan knife laws. You should be able to get the information you're wanting. Two: Ask your question(s) on the Michigan section of the forum. We have at least two colleagues from Michigan who might be able to assist you.


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      I am a Ofc. in Michigan and might be able to help you with your question.

      First off, Why do you want to carry a knife?

      Now to answer your questions:

      1) Michigan Law states (750.226) you cannot have a blade longer than 3" and cannot unlawfully carry it, therefore you can only carry a knife for lawful use. Example: Work.
      *You can not carry it for protection.

      2) Again you can conceal a knife as long as it is under 3", is a single-edge blade, carrying it lawfully, and open manually.

      3) Define Open Assist? In MI you can not have a knife that uses a flick of a button to open or pressure on the handle to open. (ex. Switchblade)
      If it is spring assisted where there is a little nub you have to use on the side of the knife or back of it to help open than you should be fine.

      4) As far as I know there are no age restrictions on carrying a pocket knife. But I don't think anyone under 13 should carry one. (However, depends in the area you live as well) Just my opinion.

      Hope that helps.
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        Thanks policetrack,

        The main reason I will be buying a knife is for an explorer program where it will be visible on my belt. I was just wondering if it was first of all legal to have it on me while visible and secondly if I could carry it in my pocket if I wanted to at other times.

        Thanks a lot for your help.


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          I'd check with your local PD and see if there is an ordnance. The FIRST thing I would do is check with explorer advisor. I highly doubt they would allow it.
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