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  • Arlington P.D or Baltimore P.D


    Im going to test for both Dept. and I would like to know if any officers on this forum works for either agency, and if so can you tell me the PROS AND CONS of both ?


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    No such thing as a "perfect" agency, dante. Good luck in your testing.


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      As Philip said, all agencies have their pros and cons. And what might be a pro to one person might not be a big deal or a con to someone else (and vice versa).

      If you scan these boards, you will notice that there are tons of well qualified people out there strangling to get police jobs because there are fewer openings for more and more applicants.

      My advice would be to just worry about getting hiring on somewhere. I know its fun to fantasize about your dream cop job and working for the prefect agency. But the reality is, people rarely get hired on with their dream agency on their first shot… Get hired somewhere, get some experience and then decide what your career priorities are and what agency would be best suited for that.


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        Go with whoever hires you FIRST. Dingo hit the nail on the head!
        " The Beatings will continue until Morale Improves "


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          Do you mean Arlington County VA? Two VERY different city agencies (although Arlington is technically a county, it is essentially a city).

          Baltimore pays less, has more morale and internal problems, but has LOTS of crime, (too much?) action and better room for advancement.

          Arlington is filthy rich, pays more, has lots of toys, has a great reputation, and has the VA criminal justice system...but much less going on and is considerably smaller.

          Apply to both (and more!) and see what happens. Maybe you'll have a choice to make, but you aren't there yet.
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