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Getting Sworn-In to a Police Department (What Occurs)

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  • Getting Sworn-In to a Police Department (What Occurs)

    What exactly happens when you get Sworn-In as a Police Officer? Do you get your badge right then an there? I am getting sworn-in later in this month. I am new to Law Enforcement, so I don't know exactly what happens.


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    I put my hand up, repeated a few lines from a sheet of paper, and got a handshake from the chief. I think there is a more official looking one coming up at a town hall meeting when I graduate from the academy.

    I also developed x-ray vision.


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      Six of us assembled in the Sheriff's office (the head honcho's actual office, not just HQ in general), he told us that the one thing that will guarantee he'd terminate any of us would be to lie about anything. Then his secretary read us the oath, we said "I do" and that was it. The sheriff went back to his paperwork and one of the new hires who'd worked several years as a CO for us extended his hand. The sheriff looked up for a second, then stood up and shook our hands without saying a word, then sat back down to his paperwork.
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        You stand there with you right arm raised and you repeat after the person swearing you in what ever he/she says. After that, you shake hands with friends, family, other officers in attendance, etc. Then you sign something but sometimes you sign something first. But in all of that hoopla, you look down on that bright and shiny new badge and grab it firmly due to the wild ride you will have as a LEO.


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          Part of it depends on the dept. I've been sworn in by the chief in his office and I've been sworn in by the mayor at a town council meeting.


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            First agency I was with (I self-sponsored in the academy, graduated and then went to work for them) - They had me sworn in by the Municipal Judge before the start of traffic court. Chief pinned the badge on, I raised my right hand and repeated everything she said. Big production.

            Last two agencies - "Here sign this form and get your @$$ to work."
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              Stood there, hand raised, repeated the oath...couple weeks later, shook hands with the Governor and he congratulated me on my appointment. No big deal.


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                Mine was less than special. "Here's the oath, sign at the bottom" "Thanks"
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                  Originally posted by CACBAND View Post
                  Mine was less than special. "Here's the oath, sign at the bottom" "Thanks"
                  My first agency didn't swear in anybody. I worked as a reserve officer there for a short spell, and one day the chief called me into his office and had me sit down. He said, I need to hire one full time, you want the job? So I said yes, I swapped out my reserve badge for the style the full timers wore and he said "start monday." Academy followed a couple weeks later.

                  My current agency did the whole shebang. Suits, tie, raise the right hand, yada yada... much ado about nothing, IMO.


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                    It's what you make of it. Both times I was sworn in by the Mayor in the police station. Larger departments tend to have elaborate ceremonies.

                    I'm kind of old-fashioned, so although I repeated the words quickly, I actaully thought about what I was swearing to. It shouldn't be taken lightly. Although I see all sorts of answers here, some of which being that it isn't a big deal, I think it should be.

                    If you truly mean what you are raising your hand and swearing to, and you shoud mean it, it means your life is different from that point on. It means that you are willing to uphold the Constituion of the state and the Nation. To defend it from all those who mean to do it harm, and if need be, make the ultimate sacrifice to make that defense.

                    My parents, my sister, and my friends all sleep at night guarded by men and women who made that oath, just like I have, and just like you will. It is a noble thing that defines your character. Be worthy of it.

                    OK, enough pontification for now. I like the X-Ray vision thing, too. That is definately an added perk! :-)


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                      First time was in the clerks office. Signed paper while working. Second was promotions. Done before the council meeting with friends, family, bible and such.
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                        I was sworn in 1970, very informal, there were about 10 of us getting hired... We were given our badges and ID cards. Some Sgt. swore us in. At the time LASD had a off the streeter program where you worked in the jail prior to the academy... After being sworn in we drove to the uniform store in downtown Los Angeles where we received our class A and Class B uniforms...

                        At midnight I was working in the county jail system, where I worked for 2 months prior to starting the academy.
                        Retired LASD


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                          We have a formal graduation ceremony; the graduating class sits there at attention while several speakers talk about Metro's history, etc. Then one at a time you go up and the Sheriff (or a family member, if they are a current/retired LEO) pins your badge on. Everyone raises their right hand and swears in.

                          I will never forget walking backstage, BSing with my fellow graduates, then looking over and seeing our badges sitting on a table. For me, that specific moment was when it all became real for me. We all walked a long damn road to get those pieces of tin.

                          EDIT: Here's how ours looks, starting at about 6 minutes into the video:

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                            Originally posted by Item9 View Post
                            I put my hand up, repeated a few lines from a sheet of paper, and got a handshake from the chief. I think there is a more official looking one coming up at a town hall meeting when I graduate from the academy.

                            I also developed x-ray vision.
                            Did you get your x-ray vision before or after the angels started to sing?


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                              It's usually just a bunch of people yelling horrible things at you. Happens all the time.

                              *edit: Oh, that says sworn IN. Nevermind.
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