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How do deal with a stalker?


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  • How do deal with a stalker?

    How does one protect themselves from an internet stalker?

    Should it be reported to the cops in my area just in check this stalkers starts playing dangerous games?

    What are some of the things I can do to protect my family and I? Just in case.

    Any info would be appreciated?

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    You did not give very much to work with.

    Is it someone you know?

    Is it just a surfer?

    Answers are different for different situations.

    Easiest is to change your internet info unless you have made REAL personal stuff available to them. In that case you need to approach from a different angle...

    Like I said, give a little more background.

    If you are reluctant to post, just look at the profiles of our members and select someone you would feel comfortable with talking to.

    We have old folks, young folks and a good sprinkling of folks in between...

    I know I haven't helped much, but then again, you didn't either...

    REMEMBER: Never Knock on DEATH'S door, ring the bell and run... HE HATES THAT!!


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      I saw an article on Internet police who are regular people who search out internet stalkers. If I can find it I will supply a link.


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        If you provided more details of what he's doing we could give more advice, but please only if you are 100% comfortable in doing so.

        I can say that you should report this to local LE and to the FBI as well, but local LE will probably refer you to them any way since they have more jurisdiction in the matter.


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          The first thing you should do is report this to your local police department. Depending on the state you are in may depend on how they handle it. I am not sure about the laws of in your state and it may in fact fall under federal jusisdiction. In California we do have laws that cover this sort of thing.

          This thing could go two ways. Your local jurisidction could do some follow-up to make a determination where the stalker lives. They could then contact the local jurisdiction where the bad guy lives and forward the entire case to them for them to file in the state where the bad guy resides. The down side is that you would have to agree to travel to that state for court. The other problem is that most of the statutes for this sort of thing are misdemeanors, and therefore not worth investing the time of a person to investigate, especially if the bad guy is out of state.

          Of course if the bad guy in in another country you will have to work through the feds who in turn would have to work through the other country's legal system. The other country may not even have a law against the sort of thing that is going on.

          With the growth of the Internet this sort of thing is starting to grow to larger and larger proportions, believe me. I hope this helps.



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            First thing I'd do is contact the company that he uses his Email Service from, obviously not his ISP (ISP is something like America Online, what he uses to gain access to the internet), i'll assume he's using something like Hotmail. First thing you could try is putting on an email block so he can't email you with his current email address. But he (or she...) could easily create a new account and thus new email address. But if it persists and you have proof, they can check what you give them against their logs, and the E-Mail company could easily track him down, since odds are he isn't someone who is all that familiar with computers, networks, etc. But from this point I couldn't really tell you much with out more information. There are programs you can download that will track emails. Can't think of any off the top of my head. Now if you want to be mean, and the guy is gullible, just find a nice macro virus and email him a jpeg picture file. Once his Hard Drive is wiped he probably will have trouble contacting you for a while... If he wishes...

            But then since this is the internet it could just be some 16 year old AOLer playing some nasty pranks.


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