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  • Security Guards?

    Hi, I'm 19 and very enthusiastic about a career in LE. Would working as a security guard during college be a plus on a LE resume?

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    Security work is an easy way to get badly hurt. It's an even better path to criminal prosecution or civil lawsuit.

    If you want to go into security as a stepping stone to law enforcement, do some research. There are many very professional security operations. There are probably many more fly-by-night operations. If you work for a good company, the experience would prove valuable.

    Consider security positions at hospitals and colleges. These will give you public contact experience. Security work could be valuable training, but I would not count on it.


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      Posted by studzilla:
      Would working as a security guard during college be a plus on a LE resume?
      Does your college have a campus police department or a security office? If you work for them, you may get a giant tuition discount.


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        Hey, thanks, good idea. Campus police...I like that idea. Thank you very much.


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          My dept. has "police aids". Their function is support and they do not preform police duties with the exception of traffic control. But some officers started out as aids until they turned 21.


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            Try working as a loss prevention officer. Nearly every major store (Kmart, walmart, etc.) has them. It gives you experience and if you don't have an attitude when the police show up you can get to know the officers in you area.


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              Nightcop is absolutely right. That would be a goo choice. You get to know plenty of cops that can help you get hired on....if they like you.

              Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the presence of justice.


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                Not only do you get to know the cops, but you will become more familiar with report writing, testifying in court, handcuffing techniques, and other law enforcement procedures. You will also have a chance to become very familiar with which defense attorneys can be trusted and which cannot!


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                  In my area that is a very dangerous job, unless you are a cop you are unarmed and the guys stealing do not play. Not long ago I was in a large dept store and had to pull my off duty on 2 thiefs getting ready to do a number on the loss prevention person. I am not telling him not to try it, but I never would without a weapon.


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                    Well, as in anything you have to use common sense. I worked LP for three years before becoming and officer and there were some instances when things could have gone very bad. That's why now, whenever I pick up a booster that has fought with security, I charge them with Robbery 2nd (Strong Arm) and make it a felony!


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                      I definitely agree with the campus security gig. I have found it to be very rewarding, and a great stepping stone to LE positions. Our campus program requies an acadamy ran by a regional accredidation association, and is ran in cooperation with the State Judicial Training Commission. We also have access to a plethora of continuing education classes and refresher training.
                      I have found this to be typical of Colleges without PDs. If your's has a PD, you may not get the extensive training, but you will get to work closely with the campus police and pick up a lot of information that way. Really it's win, win.
                      It's also an excellent way to gain enforcement experiance in a multi-cultural enviroment.
                      I'm slightly biased though

                      I worked hospitals for a couple of years, and enjoyed it very much. The chances of getting injured are very high at most hospitals. Especially true for those that have mental health departments, or are a tramua center. Not that that should dissuade you, but just be aware.

                      Best of luck to you.



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                        I agree that the campus police idea would be a great idea. I was hoping to pursue that avenue myself, while finishing up my degree. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), here in New York at the State Universities, the campus police are equivalent to State Troopers and therefore require a civil service exam, etc. to get hired.



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                          For experence towards being an L.E.O. try contacting your local agencies to see if they have volunteer positions open.

                          Not only to get good experence working in the system and with the public the volunteerism is always relfected in a good light with ANY employeer.

                          I personaly volunteered as a Juvenile Parole Officer while I worked Loss Prevention and then Security with a "solid" company. (juist remember if you work secuirty you are NOT an L.E.O. if you think that you will end up getting sued or even worse hurt)

                          I found that in all of those fields that the public contact and basic skills I acquired (report writing, conflict resolution, working with the law) are key reasons why I am doing so good in the selection and interview process now. Good luck!

                          Sheriff and Police Recruit, VA

                          *Please remember Ofc. Caudle of Henrico Co., VA in your thoughts he was killed this past weekend.


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