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  • Paramedic to LEO

    Hello. I am starting my Criminal Justice classes in the fall. I recently passed my Paramedic course, and I expect to have my Medic license in the next few months. By the time I finish my degree and the academy, I should have about 2 years as a Medic under my belt. How much of a positive impact on applying for a LEO position will this experience net me?

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    The degree and academy will be plus's

    The Paramedic license.....................just another entry on your resume.
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      It's not going to help. Police perform law enforcement duties while fire and ambulance crews perform Paramedic and EMT duties.

      It's kind of like an applicant asking how much being being a police academy graduate will help in getting a Paramedic, EMT or Firefighter job. It just doesn't work that way.
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        Not much, if at all. Police cars don't carry around paramedic gear. I don't know what the situation is like where you are at, but there are a few public safety depts around the country in which their officers pull firefighter, paramedic and police duties and I am sure a medic cert plus a police cert would be looked upon very favorably.


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          Thank you all. I knew it wouldn't be the most influential piece of my resume, I was just curious how having another form of emergency cert/license would be viewed. I know working in an ambulance and a police car are two very different things, but there are some key qualities that both careers share.


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            I work for a public safety dept where an EMT/EMT-P license would bring a sign-on bonus. But we're few and far between.
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              I beg to differ. At the start, maybe little to no help. After a few years in LE, off probation, etc. you're good addition to a SWAT and/or dive team. LAPD sent both SWAT and dive team members to paramedic school about 20-25 years ago. They are still vital parts of the team. Here, in Colorado, my area has Tactical Medics (TEMS) on the DART team, but they are unarmed. Perhaps whoever you end up working for will benefit in two ways.
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                As a paramedic / police officer, I will say that it probably won't help much getting a job, however, all other things being equal between candidates, it would give you a nod.

                Being a medic has certainly helped in becoming a LEO. Probably the biggest part that is of benefit is the ability to know how to interact with the public, eliciting a history of events, and asking probing questions, but it pretty much ends there. All your fellow officers will be glad to see you if there is a medical call, or if, God forbid, an officer gets injured OTJ. I was a TEMS medic before becoming a police officer, and I carry my thigh bag in by duty bag now. It doesn't have a lot, but it'll get the job done for 5-10 minutes.

                Like was mentioned earlier, too, as you continue your career, it is a great boost for tac teams or any other specialty unit.

                Good luck in your career.


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                  Just remember, if you get hired and into the academy and FTO, your PM certs will start to expire. It is not easy to keep both up when you first start out.
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                    Depending on where you are applying to, it may or may not. A small City PD with no EMS responsibility compared to a department that might have an aviation unit with EMS/SAR responsibilities. If you want your Paramedic to carry some weight, look for an agency that can use your skills in their current missions. I have my EMT-B (although expired) but as far as the knowledge, I use it quite a bit. Not really the medical aspect necessarily, but being able to actually assist EMS on calls, SAR's, etc. Just adds to my over all situational awareness.


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                      I was a paramedic for several years before I became a police officer. I still work part-time as a medic. People may not know, but becoming a paramedic is a much bigger PITA than becoming certified as a police officer (not considering actually getting hired). Just the paramedic level clinical hours alone for EMS are longer than our whole state law enforcement training! And that's only 1 of 3 levels needed in my state to become a paramedic.

                      It may have helped me get hired a little, but that's it.

                      My dept. refuses to use sworn officers as medics on SWAT.

                      I do keep a couple of very well stocked BLS kits in my car, but I can't carry IVs or anything interesting, so there's no difference between what I can do and what the other officers can do, except that I have years of experience on the medical side and don't mind doing it-most officers have no desire to try to patch anyone up unless it's himself or a fellow officer.

                      I guess when there is something medical about a call I have a leg up on that. But that's about it.

                      Keeping up with the hours has been a pain in the tail until the last year when I went to a new EMS agency for my part-time work. I found a great bunch of guys that will work around my schedule when it's necessary.

                      So unless you go to a dept. that wants paramedics, I wouldn't expect much.


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                        I think it helps a little bit on the DUI investigations as well.
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                          Awesome, thanks for all of the responses. I think I have my answers.


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