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After conditional offer, I was DQed due to color vision, but can appeal, need help.


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  • After conditional offer, I was DQed due to color vision, but can appeal, need help.

    Hi everyone,

    It has been my dream to be a police officer for a long time now. I have done a lot of research throughout the years, read books about LE, lived a very clean life, etc., etc. I have gone so far into the process, passing the polygraph, the oral board (which went VERY WELL) have gone on several ride alongs, etc., etc.

    I received a conditional job offer contingent on my medical and psychological evaluations, but I received a letter of disqualification today due to color vision deficiency. I can appeal the letter with supporting evidence. I need advice, perhaps you may know someone who had the same issue and successfully proved his color vision tests would not effect color judgment in real life?

    Thank you in advance.



    P.S. The agency is a large police department in Southern California.
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    Read the qualifications which disqualified you.

    See a Ophthalmologist and get tested to prove you meet the standards.

    If you don't meet the standards------you are not going to win.

    Some states have very stringent standards some don't
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      Thank you Iowa, the department is in California by the way.

      I have made a list of ophthalmologists to call tomorrow.


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        Here are the California standards http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Vision.pdf along with the logic and justifications supporting them.

        I am not sure what you would base your appeal on. Either you meet the standards or you don't. I guess you could challenge the basis for requiring correct color vision, but if you read the justifications in the POST guidelines, I think you will find that kind of hard to do.

        Best of luck.
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          The good news is that you were offered a job. If you don't meet the state color vision standard you will have to go out of state. If it is a city specific standard, you will have to try again at a city that isn't as stringent.


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            I failed my "dot test" and was offered the "Farnsworth D-15" color test... A more precise measure of color deficiency. While I couldn't pass the "dot test" to save my soul - I passed the Farnsworth D-15 test (google it to find out how it works) with zero issue in both eyes.

            My department considered that a pass and so here I am. I think the dot test is a farse. If you have even the slightest deficiency it hoses your ability to make out the numbers according to my ophthalmologist. Thus - this http://www.colblindor.com/color-arrangement-test/ test was offered to me and like I said, I passed it 100%, no problems. You should see if your department will let you re-test with that test and if they will accept the results.


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              I believe L-1 pretty well addressed your situation from the California perspective. If the state, through POST or a similar agency sets a minimum standard for employment, this includes physical standards. No agency, state, county or city can waive that standard. OTH, an individual agency can mandate a standard which exceeds the minimum standard(s). You may wish to consult an Attorney, one who specializes in, or at least is conversant in the type appeal you reference. He/she may have some valid options for you to consider. Hope things work out for you.


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                The Farnsworth D-15 is normally the end-all to the color vision tests. I would also recommend taking the "signal/light gun" test given by the local FAA Flight Standard guys. This is a light test done by the air traffic control tower. When pilots have problems with the Ishiara color-dot test, they are allowed to do the signal gun test. You have to differentiate red, white, and green lights from 1000 and 1500 feet when they shine them at you. Although this is unrelated to law enforcement, if you have a letter from the FAA showing that your color vision is good enough to obtain a commercial pilot's license (by passing the light test), that may pull some weight in your favor. There's not a whole lot you can do. Some states are very stringent on it. Tennessee's POST commission doesn't require normal color vision, but several departments in TN are stiff on it. Others not so much. I have a color vision deficiency, which kept me from US Secret Service, even after appeals. It was a good thing since I found out later the wife didn't want to move (and I'm currently in law school). I had been a LEO for 8 years when I had applied with them too. No problems at all from my color vision deficiency. It is a very subjective issue in my opinion. Too many assume that those with any deficiency can't tell a fire truck from green grass. It's absurd, but a fact of life.
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                  Thank you all for your responses. I like all your advice and I appreciate it.

                  I will you update as to how my appeal will go. I have had little encouragement, except from one person. CA POST allows departments to administer the Farnsworth D-15 test (which I can pass by the way), but LAPD does not.


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                    You have to satisfy the agency standards, not someone else's.
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