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Which job to take in my situation?


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  • Which job to take in my situation?

    I am currently in the fortunate position of having two job offers at once but am torn between which one to take as they both have pros and cons. I will be graduating in a little less than a year and looking to get into law enforcement as quickly as possible. With this in mind, I have 0 work experience with anything even remotely related to the field but one of the jobs is the graveyard shift as a psych tech at my state's mental hospital. The other job is a simple cashier position at a nearby restaurant which is far easier to get to and the hours are more bearable (afternoons and evenings). The pay is nearly the same so that does not factor into the equation. Essentially, my question is would the experience I gained at the hospital be beneficial enough to me in the future to warrant the added travel (1.5 hours a day) and rough hours?
    Thanks and stay safe

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    Do what works best for you.

    The experience as a psych tech MIGHT help you in the future..................not so much in getting a job in LE but just as experience in dealing with EDP's----------------something we all do daily. HOWEVER I know from experience that midnights suck!

    The hour and a half commute will suck even more getting off in the AM....................

    Either job is work experience as far as a job application is concerned...................its a toss up as to the relative merits of either.
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      Your life, your call. Just a thought. The cashiers' job can be described as public contact work. If the pay is close, the hours better, it might be the way to go. Either way,you'll have to test well in any LE applications you make. Best of luck in whatever choice you make.


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        Take the job closer to home for comparable money. No PD is gonna care about where you worked as long as you have credible work experience and lets face the facts here, midnights and lousy pay to deal with the other job is a disqualifier!
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