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    I was driving home from work last night around 11PM on a road that has a 40 MPH speed limit and has places where passing is legal. Well, I'm driving along and I notice a car coming up extremely fast behind me. At this point, I'm going about 45 mph and the car is still riding my tail. I don't speed up for him because I don't want to be the one to get a ticket. All of a sudden, he speeds up to pass me on the left (crosses the double yellow lines) and speeds off. He had to have been doing at least 70-75 after he passed me. I almost caught up to him again when he got stuck behind two other cars, but then he decided to pass them (again, in a no passing zone). He then sped off again and I never saw him again. I tried to catch up to him to grab a plate # but I couldn't. My question is, should I have called the PD to report him? I didn't because the area I'm talking about is a VERY small town in NH and by the time a cruiser made it out my way, he would have been long gone anyway. If I did get a plate, would it be worth it to call the PD the next day and just report what happened? Would the PD be able to do anything to this person if they have their plate # and their name/address?
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    We get reckless driver calls all the time. Typically if you call it in dispatch will broadcast the information and we will be on the lookout if we are in the area. If you call in the plate number it gives us an idea where they might be headed and allows us to get set up to catch them. I rarely stop them for what you have seen unless I have a very clear understanding that you are willing to help with the prosecution of the individual. If I can develop my own reasonable suspicion then I will make a stop on the car based on what I observed. I have been burned on this before when I stopped a car for driving like an idiot then all of a sudden the complainant doesn't want to get involved.



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      I always encouraged complainants to report such incidents - just because you have not seen a patrol vehicle, does not mean that one is not nearby. It may be that other people have reported this same vehicle, but the responding officers are busy, or are en route, and your call may be the one that gets the officers to break-off what they are doing, or up-dates them as to the last known location of said "client", so they can follow-up on this.

      I did not have the same concerns as covman454, however, in that up here have the authority to stop and check for driver's licence, vehicle registration / insurance and driver sobriety, plus deal with whatever we discover in plain-view and as a result of DL, registration/insurance and sobriety checks, without further corroborating complaints or testimony.

      Call if you want, and can do so safely and legally, the next time, or just relax and know that someday, somewhere, that "client" WILL be caught by LEO/PO.
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