Im not unlike many people on this board in that I want an 1811 position someday. I have also looked at military, intelligence, etc. but haven't really figured out my career path yet. While applying to LE agencies over the past few years, I finished a BS and MS and currently work in management. Ive missed opportunities due to budget cutbacks, little hiring, more qualified applicants, etc several times but now am close with a large police agency. I have passed background, testing and everything but hit a roadblock with medical because of a minor condition. I wasn't put into a position where I had to lie during medical screening because it wasn't on the questionaire. They simply detected it and started asking questions. A specialist I have seen before agrees that I can handle the duties of the job and all the physical training involved but cannot put it in writing because of liability. He won't say this specifically but it is what I have gathered after arguing with him for a while. He is trying to work something out with other specialists so they can give me the green light and I am trying to get my primary doctor to do it also. What would everyone else do in my situation? Would the department allow me to set up a waiver making them free of responsibility? Should I make appointments with new doctors to try to find one that will give me their endorsement?
This is difficult to deal with after getting so far and not having any other immediate opportunities. I also told him that I have cleared a MEPS physical and will probably go into the military otherwise, which would most likely encompass more strenuous physical training, and he was fine with that!

Any input appreciated