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  • Does it look bad if...

    someone applies to a department and has already transfered from one department to another.

    The reason I ask is that I may be getting a job with a university department soon, which I will take if it is offered to me, but in a year or two I may also get a call from a large city department. I don't see transferring from one to the other being a problem, but a few years down the road a plan to move out from the east coast and back to the Midwest, if I apply to a department there, will they not like the fact that i have already transferred departments because I seem unstable? any insight is appreciated.

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    Currently, you have two prospective jobs. The university and the large city department. Obviously, if the university job is offered, you'd accept it. If the university job is offered, take it. Do a good job, and see if the city job materializes. If it does, make a decision at that time. It's entirely possible your long range plan(s) could change especially if either job (university/city) is a good fit.


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      As PhilipCal stated-----take what you get and worry about other offers as they come.

      10 yrs ago job hopping could have been a problem (It might raise a flag yet today wondering if you have a problem with stability) but it is more accepted now.

      A couple or 3 yrs at a department is enough to decide if you really like the fit AND gives you a chance to "pay back" the cost/time involved in hiring you.

      One thing you have to take into account is that every time you move------you start back at the bottom of the totem pole in seniority/vacations/job assignments.
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        Four LE jobs in two different states for me, but that’s over 13ish years. If you can get ANY police job right now without prior LE experience you will be lucky, play the lottery if you do.

        Most veteran cops seem to like working at a University PD, most rookies don’t, silly rookies...
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          It is really going to depend on the totality of the circumstances and if they seem to be a logical progression. As stated above, a lot of things can change in a couple of years.


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