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  • a question for the 10-foot Cops...

    10-foot Cops..

    For those of you that have been a part of or are currently in a Mounted Police unit, what would you say is your preferred breed of choice that is most efficient and versatile for the job? Also, is size a big factor when it comes down to choosing the right horses? I've seen several different breeds used, and most of them have been on the larger size..between 16 to 17.5. I went up to the Rolex horse show in Kentucky a couple years ago and they had massive 17+ hand Percherons on patrol.. I was just blown away by how gargantuan they were... honestly one had to be 18h or close to it with dinner plate feet as well. I'm a Tennesseean so naturally I'm partial to the TN Walking Horses. I think they would make great police horses especially with their smooth gait! I've also seen Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse police units which have again been 16+ hands. I'm not saying Big horses are bad or that I don't think they're fit for patrol... I'm just wondering what are the reasons that most of them are on the larger size. Standing 6'4'' myself, I actually prefer a larger horse..

    When I see these massive police horses, it reminds me of the movie "The 13th Warrior" when the Vikings that are riding gigantic English Shires make fun of Antonio Banderas and his little Arabian saying things such as "..only an Arab would bring a dog to war!" And of course Mr. Banderas shows them up...... If you've not seen the movie, at least check out this scene on Youtube, it's hilarious!

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    I think, and I may be wrong, but Arabian style horses with speed aren't needed on mounted patrol. Speed is a moot point when it comes to mounted patrols in a city. From what I have seen, the larger horses do better in crowd control situations. I know there is a lot more to it (other than crowd control), for which I admit I haven't got a clue, but maybe someone in the know could chime in.


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      I have 4 that I ride - the (13 yo) paint will do anything and is pretty much dead to the world (falls asleep during fireworks). Great with kids (when he's not stealing their lollypops) and I can walk off and leave him by himself. The 1/2 Arab and I are finally coming to a meeting of the minds now that he's pushing 24. He's high spirited but great if I want to push a crowd (and actually calms down pretty well a few hours into a shift). He's good with kids too when he's not stealing their ice cream. My quarter horse is pretty new to the game, but very relaxed. He's the smallest of the bunch at 15-2 hands. My 1/2 Percheron just needs work, but he's the largest at 16-3 hands, I hope he works out.

      I like large horses because I'm a big guy, and I've always thought that when they needed to be, larger horses are more intimidating. However, having worked on the ground in training, once there's over 1000lbs coming at you it's all intimidating. Smaller horses are nice because they are easier to get on and off of and manuever better, plus if you are cuffing from horseback (or you drop something) it's easier to reach.

      I don't think I'd have another Arab, he's just too energetic. We spend a lot of time standing around and sometimes that just doesn't work for him. I like the quarter horses I've had, but they are popular around here and I've seen several that just don't have the temperment - they get worked up by the environment too often.
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