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Washington State Civilian Taser Law Question


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  • Washington State Civilian Taser Law Question

    Hi guys,

    Interesting question for you - I am a Canadian citizen who frequently visits Washington State to visit my mother who lives near Seattle.

    I have done research regarding taser laws and am familiar with them - BUT I am wondering if those same laws apply if I am a Canadian citizen. Tasers are illegal throughout Canada but I would like to carry some form of self-defense tool while I am in Seattle visiting (The Taser itself would be left in WA).

    Basically my question is - can I legally carry one? And if so must it be unconcealed? I would prefer to have it concealed.

    Your guys' time is greatly appreciated - thanks!

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    Why not let Google be your friend.


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      Yeah, google.com works wonders. Eh!?


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        I have looked on google but haven't been able to find anything regarding my specific topic - I know that tasers are legal for WA citizens, but am wondering if I (a CANADIAN) can legally carry one - hence the post here.

        Thanks for your replies.
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          Alright. try this. Call the Sheriff's Dept of the county you'll be visiting, or the Police Dept of the particular city. Pose your question and emphasize your Canadian Citizenship. You'll probably be referred to several divisions, bureau's etc. Be patient,and an authoritative answer should be forthcoming.


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            Happy reading ^^^^^

            Find the law-----the ACTUAL statute in Washington State code and read it. If it mentions the term US CITIZEN then you probably would have to be a US Citizen to carry one. If not you should be good to go.

            I would pay attention to the Washington Concealed or Weapons Carry statute...............it will most likely mention the items the state considers weapons ----and the requirements for carrying in that state

            If you have questions about non-resident concealed pistol licenses or lawfully carrying a weapon without a concealed pistol license you may contact the Department of Licensing, Firearms Section at (360) 664-6616 or www.dol.wa.gov/business/firearms.
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              Thanks for your time and replies - you guys have been awesome!


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                A Taser, or "projectile stun gun", is neither a firearm nor a dangerous weapon under Washington State law. So long as you don't carry it on the grounds of a school, in violation of RCW 9.41.280, you should be OK. Carrying it concealed doesn't seem to be an issue.


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                  It will be perfectly legal for you to carry a Taser in WA State under most circumstances. You may legally carry it concealed. As noted above, just don't bring it onto any school or government property.
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