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Volunteering with organizations that assist illegal immigrants


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  • Volunteering with organizations that assist illegal immigrants

    At the moment I am fluent in Spanish but have not spoken it for a long time so I fear I may be losing it. I am in Philadelphia and there is a large Mexican population particularly in South Philly. The cost of college is already ridiculously overpriced so a semester abroad is out of the question. Instead, I am thinking of volunteering with an organization that assists Spanish speaking immigrants regardless of their legality. My question is, would this disqualify me from a future in law enforcement since the vast majority of the people I would be working with would be here illegally. Thanks and stay safe.

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    Some police departments have volunteer translator programs. That would be a better option.

    To answer you question directly: Probably not, especially if you apply in a "sanctuary city."
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      Doing volunteer work with Latinos has been very rewarding for me. It's also a great way to network---so many are afraid of us.
      I have no reason to ask about an individual's status, so I don't. Granted, I've been a LEO for almost 12 yrs and was not involved until about 5 yrs ago, but I think it's a plus on a resume as long as the group is not ADVOCATING breaking the law. There are so many ways you can help. Mentoring children, assisting parents with Parent/Teacher meetings, toy drives at Christmas.......
      Good luck.
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        Buffalo, being a border city, gets many people wanting to cross into Canada, but who are turned back because they do not have the proper paperwork. There is an organization here that helps immigrants in that situation-- puts them up, helps them understand the laws and the paperwork, helps them to get where they need to go legally. Many end up here with no more than the shirt on their back, and very poorly prepared for a Western New York winter. And there is always a need of translators there.

        I realize you are not in this area, but it is a good example of a helping organization that deals with illegal immigrants but does not advocate lawlessness, and needs translators. Many refugees WANT to immigrate legally but need help navigating the system.

        See what is in your own area.
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