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  • International Background check??

    G'day all,

    Fairly new to these neck of the woods. I have applied at one small department but didn't make it pass the interview (there was quite a few apps for the position, odds against me I guess). I don't have an official answer back yet what let me down. After the interview I got talking to the guy that escorted me back down stairs & we got onto background's. I asked if there was anything I could do to help as mine is a little out of the norm. I went through the whole FBI stuff when I immigrated here in 2008 from Australia. (Some departments will take permanent residents). I know I have some speeding tickets from when I was a teenager, that's about it (I'm 38 now). In Australia, you can get your own complete criminal background, which takes several weeks & have gone ahead and ordered it (it comes with a verification number any department can call back to the Fed's in Oz and verify. I was self employed since I was 19 (Construction), was in the Army for a few years and that's all I ever done. I don't have any contacts for my clients or former army officers, what else can I provide to "investigate" who I am?

    cheers in advance,


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    good on ya.

    Just apply to other places. Most of us applied to many departments before being hired... in this economy especially, departments can afford to be very picky - and you never know, they might have had an individual in mind for the position from the get-go.

    The bigger departments obviously hire more people, and they're more familiar with non-standard backgrounds. Plenty of people in the US grow up, live, and work in the same regional area, so if you cast your net a bit wider, you'll get a background investigator who understands international clearance letters... your situation sounds fine; there's nothing more you can do as an individual.

    Keep at it....


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      Just have as much information as possible ready for the application & subsequent investigations. The more information and contact numbers you have for the BI -----------the less work and less stress the investigator will have. The operative phrase there is less stress................makes for happier investigator.

      As MOST states do not allow non citizens to be employed as a police officer, your situation will be unusual for any of us..........but rest assured the BI will get completed................just expect it to take longer
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        Go here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/2-251.pdf and print out the document it contains. This will give you an idea of the information that will be requested from you in order to do a background investigation. Start gathering the information now so you will be ready when the time comes.
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            I grew up outside of the US as a non-military brat. I lived in 8 different countries over the course of about 12 years. When I turned in my background packet my investigator's eye's just glazed over. Always wondered how they verified anything...

            I imagine as long as you don't pop up on some Interpol watchlist you should be ok


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