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    I am putting together a vehicle first aid kit, and I was wondering what first aid equipment you use the most. I have the basics covered (bandages, gauze, tourniquet, gloves, antiseptic), but I wanted to know if there is anything out of the ordinary that you have found to be useful. Thank you for your help.

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    I have an "Individual Patrol Officer Kit" in my active shooter / bail out bag.

    You can find it online at North American Rescue


    It includes a combat tourniquet, trauma dressing, Quickclot, and gloves.

    I've read several studies since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started, stating that you have as much as a 65% increase of surviving a gsw if you can apply a tourniquet within minutes of being shot.

    Of course it's not an everyday item, but it's definitely something you may want to have on hand.
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      Blow out kits are crucial, but the most used would be bandaids (cartoon ones for kids), BC Powder, Neosporin, Immodium, pepto, Tweezers, a bottle of sterile saline.

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        small bottle of bourbon, granola bars, condoms, breath mints/mouthwash, a sharp knife, some rope and handcuffs, sanitizing lotion, a little cash, jumper cables, viagra, a bottle of water and a kerambit.

        or I guess you could use the stuff in the first couple of posts
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          Be careful with tourniquets. You should not be throwing them on any wound unless you know what you're doing. I stock our kits mainly with bleeding control supplies and ambu bags (bag-valve mask). If it's a CPR or rescue breathing situation, the ambu will keep the officer from having to do any mouth-to-mouth breathing.
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