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    I am currently in the skills program in Minnesota. And i have just a couple of questions.

    1. I will be taking the POST test here in a couple months. But I am 22 and would like to get some military experience so i can be more competitive in the hiring process. I am a little concerned that if I do I end up enlisting I will forget some things I have just learned in skills both in the practical and theoretical. Would this be a good idea after I have already completed the training?

    2. I have had the same job since i was 16 (1st job) and i was thinking about getting a some sort of security or loss prevention job so i have something that sort of relates to LE. But I know being able to keep and stay at the same job through high school and college will look pretty good on a application. But i can't help thinking that getting some sort of job that relates a little more to LE. (I have also been applying for both CSO and Reserve jobs)

    any sort of input would greatly help.

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    You're young so you have plenty of time so don't think everything has to happen tomorrow. If you're thinking military I would suggest completing that before you get your post. It will give you some relevant experience and a chance to get a degree while in. If you'd like to stay around home, you can always go reserves. Hope this helps.
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      Military service, while often helpful in a LE career, is no guarantee you'll be hired. While you might want to consider service in a Reserve Component, there is always the substantial chance you'll be deployed even in short term operations. Don't enlist in the Armed Forces merely to "get your ticket punched". I would remain in your current job prior to testing. Switching to a Loss Prevention job won't be all that helpful in your future LE efforts. With respect to LE, your first and currently most important challenge is making a competitive score on the POST exam. Good luck.


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        1. If the ONLY reason you join the military is to get a job after, don't. Not that it won't help, but you're doing it for the wrong reason. There is no doubt that it can help you get hired, but more importantly, it will give you other skills while performing your duties. Besides, you serve your country outside the United States AND inside it is a pretty cool thing if you think about it. But, like PhilipCal said, it's not going to guarantee you being hired. So, to get to your question, I'd say no, not if that's the reason. If you've passed your "Skills" program and do well on your POST test, you'll be hire-able.

        2. I say keep your job that you have. Although loss prevention can give you some things you may be able to use in law enforcement, it's certainly not going to prepare you for being a law enforcement agent.

        Good luck! (Hint: Study some MN law for your POST)
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          Go to school. Get a degree. As others have stated, don't go into the military merely to be competitive. Learn a second language...Spanish, American Sign Language etc. Security/Loss prevention won't help alot----stability, good work history in your current job will be more impressive. Good luck to you.
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            thanks guys for the responses.

            1. Joining the military is something i have always wanted to do even before i started the process of trying to become a LEO. I would not do it just for the experience, but i have always admired people in the military and have always wanted to do it. Its just I when i got out of high school i went right to college and to skills. Being in the military would not just give me some life experience, but also like said above be able to serve my country and be able to make a contribution to my country. The main thing I am worried about like before is forgetting everything and having a a couple year gap from when i take the POST to be applying and starting the hiring process.

            2. Thanks aging i was thinking the same thing staying at my current job I like the place where I work now, great co workers, bosses and environment.
            thanks again for the responses
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              As far as the jobs...id say keep the one and have a good work history. I've never heard a new hire discussed at work like "lion he was a security guard?!" No one really cares about that part.
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                you can just go test for the POST w/o an academy or any formal LE education? interesting. Sad, if true.
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                  Originally posted by LaPlaca View Post
                  you can just go test for the POST w/o an academy or any formal LE education? interesting. Sad, if true.
                  For all intents and purposes you have to have an AA degree in Law Enforcement AND the "skills" classes to be eligible.

                  The "skills" passes for the LE academy in Minnesota-----kind of sort of. Only the large department has a formal academy....Pretty much everyone else uses the "skills" classes as a self sponsor academy.

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