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Odd Question related to Ford crown Vic..


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  • Odd Question related to Ford crown Vic..

    This question may seem a little off topic, if so feel free to remove it.

    I'm currently 17 years old and i'm looking for a first car... I'm quite interested in the ford crown Victoria. Seeing how the ford crown Victoria is very popular police car I'm hoping you guys/gals will have some information on it. (looking at year 2000 +)

    A couple reasons why interested in the crown Victoria: Rear wheel drive, V8 4.6lt (Nothing like a car that has a little power)

    Would you recommend the Crown Vic as a first car?

    When do police departments decide when to get new vehicles/put old for sale? I noticed many of them have over 250,000 km on them. (obviously because their driven a lot).

    Thanks in advance for the input.
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    Do yourself a favor and don't be That Guy...


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      Mind explaining?


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        That Guy with a crown vic that managed to worm his way on to the local volly FD so he could put a blue light in it, to go along with the scanner and CB antenna on the back of it. You know, so he "knows if there is a call."

        Seriously I drive the thing 9hrs a day and no way in a million years would I ever even consider driving one off duty. There's WAY better, and less abused, options out there in a similar price range. Do what every red-blooded american teenage male should do and get a truck.


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          Crown Vics are good cars. Don't buy a used cop car because they are rode hard and put away wet.

          Get one from a dealer.

          They are also discontinuing them I hear.
          Pete Malloy, "The only thing black and white about this job is the car."


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            2011 is the last model year being produced.

            I actually owned one, a 99, that I put a flawless 70k miles on it without a problem, AFTER it was retired. As a commuter, it worked fine but it wasn't my only vehicle. It was the best used car I've ever owned.

            Also, they really don't have any power. If you're looking for a healthy V8, go elsewhere. These things are lead sleds that barely get out of their own way. It doesn't help that a small, anemic V8 is trying to move 4200lbs cinder block. They sound good, but thats about it.

            I don't think there's anything really wrong with it but just don't cop it out. Don't put lights, antennas or push bumpers on it.


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              Originally posted by Robocop1992 View Post
              (Nothing like a car that has a little power)
              Young man, I'm proud of have been doing some research in this matter!!!


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                My first car was an LTD. Crown Vics before they were called Crown Vics. If you live in a fairly open area, not dense urban streets with heavy traffic and tight parking, it'll do ok for a first car. That said, CVs are ok, but for about the same money you can get a Mercury Grand Marquis, have the same drivetrain but a nicer interior and be pretty sure it was driven easier.

                Even if I did insist on a Crown Vic, I wouldn't buy an ex-fleet car. Buying an ex-police car is retarded. Its been driven into the ground, the interior is cut up for equipment and its the basest of the base to begin with, there are holes drilled in the body for rust to start creeping in, and did I mention it was driven in to the ground? Would you buy an ex-taxi? Then WTF would you buy an ex-cop car?
                I miss you, Dave.


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