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    Classic example of the offender trying to take the responsibility and consequences away from her. When someone tells me shouldn't I be out catching murderers and rapists I either just tell them straight up "no" or if I'm in a good mood I'll ask them if they know where these murderers and rapists are that I should be out catching.


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      "Yes, I completely agree I should be out catching criminals, but because of your actions I'm stuck here dealing with you. Therefore, give me your license now so we can make this as brief as possible."

      Or if I'm tired I just point out speeders kill more people than any crime.


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        Throw It Back At Her - Giver Her a Hard Time

        You can also remind her that it is within her power was a citizen to put a stop to all these silly traffic citations.

        Point out that the people of your state, in their wisdom (or lack of it depending on her point of view) enacted traffic laws and then hired police officers to enforce them. All your sister in law has to do is organize enough citizens to get the traffic laws repealed, or to have a new law passed directing the police not to enforce the traffic laws.

        Point out to her that its up to the collective will of the people and that she has the power to change it. The rest is up to her. If she is really sincere, she'll do something about it instead of giving you a hard time.

        You may also wish to remind her that when you become an officer, it will be inappropriate for her to lobby you against enforcing certain laws because doing so may violate your state's law against conspiracy to obstruct justice.
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          "...in an upper class neighborhood."

          So she wouldn't have complained if she had been stopped in the ghetto? Maybe the residence of said upper class area complained enough about speeding to have the officer ordered to sit there.


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            As several forum members already stated, traffic enforcement regularly identifies criminals and helps in their apprehension...

            -A license plate violation resulted in the apprehension of the suspect in the Oklahoma City federal building bombing.

            -In October 1996, two suspects wanted in Ohio for a robbery and kidnapping of a motel clerk were apprehended by a State Trooper in Indiana after stopping the suspect vehicle for speeding.

            -In 1995, a New York Police Officer stopped a vehicle without a front license plate. The vehicle turned out to be stolen and the driver was wanted in connection with a New York City homicide.

            -In Lincoln, Massachusetts, a Police Officer found a shotgun in the vehicle. The shell casings matched those found at the scene of a double homicide. The occupants were arrested in connection with the murders.
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              Remind her as well, that perhaps the officer forgot his X Ray glasses that he was issued in the police academy in order to see through walls and such in order to detect those 'rapes and/or murders that are taking place.' Also remind her that the average rapist or murderer probably won't be wearing his t shirt that designates him as such a criminal and he may not call the local PD or SO to notify them of his location and of his intentions that day. Then ask your relative what her solution to catching those people are.
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                Ask her, "How do I know you're not a murderer or rapist?" Then continue writing out the ticket.
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