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North Carolina Trespassing Law


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  • North Carolina Trespassing Law

    The question I have is kind of complicated. There are many legal questions I want to ask but the one that's imperative is this one. My parents are going through a bitter separation, long story short, Dad cheated after 32 years and decided to dump my mother. Mom retreats to jersey to collect her head for a few weeks then decides to go back to North Carolina to pack up her stuff,
    My father decides that he doesn't like the terms that were originally agreed upon So now he wants to sit on everything, and not allow my mother back into the house to pack up her stuff.
    My question is, would I be trespassing if i was there with my mother, even though my father doesn't want me there.
    Both of their names are on the deed to the house.

    sorry for so lengthy a post, i have a ton more questions but this one seems imperative.

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    Tell your Mom to retain an Attorney. He/she can assist her in navigating what could very well be a lengthy and acrimonious situation. Basically, if her name is still on the deed, and absent a court order to the contrary, she enjoys the same legal rights relative to the property that your Dad does. That said, she still needs the advice and counsel of an Attorney. It could very well be worth every dime she pays to him. Hope things work out for you both.


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      She has a right back into the house. Normally law enforcement would accompany her in this situation to retrieve her belongings so dad doesn't try to start anything. As Philip has advised, she should retain an attorney.
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