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Drug dogs inside a house?


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  • Drug dogs inside a house?

    I know a lot of departments implement drug sniffing K9's to locate drugs in vehicles, especially at checkpoints and traffic stops.
    I was trying to find some case law on the subject, but couldn't find any. I was thinking, people can be extremely clever when they hide drugs in their house. Inside ceiling ducts, underneath floor boards, inside household items, etc. and K9's could definetley make the situation easier for them....might even save the suspect from having private areas of the home searched, since the K9 would go straight to the drug source.

    1) Could you bring a drug dog with you on a search warrant for drugs?

    2) What if the dog gets a "hit" outside the scope of your warrant, can you still use that information to find the drugs? (Let's say the warrant is for the kitchen only, but the dog get's a hit in the dinning room.)

    Thanks guys!

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    1) All the time.

    2) You don't have a warrant for just the kitchen.

    edited to add: Dogs don't keep any area from a house from being searched on a SW. There is no concept of privacy with regards to a SW.

    I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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      1) We do it all the time.

      2).The warrant would undoubtedly be broad enough in scope to permit a search of the entire house.

      You really have NO expectation of privacy with regard to a Search Warrant.


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        Normally the word "curtilage" is added to the address to be searched which will allow for a broader search of the premises and out buildings.
        Ut humiliter opinor


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          Ahh okay, that makes sense now
          Thanks for the info guys.


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